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A hinge for a casement window having components releasably held in positions related to each other to provide for movement of a window-supporting sash arm between closed and egress positions. The structure includes a support arm pivotally connected between a track of the hinge and the sash arm. The ...

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An automatic operator and locking mechanism for a casement window or the like having window locking structure including a movable tie bar which is moved to both lock and unlock the window, a window hinge mounting the window for opening and closing movement, an operator arm operatively connected to t ...

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A casement window hinge comprising a toggle hinge assembly slidably received within a laterally symmetrical track. The hinge assembly includes an end block having a sloped upper surface. The ends of the track are notched to assist in alignment of the hinge assembly for insertion into the track.

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A universal hinge structure includes a hinge part attachable to a frame and another hinge part attachable to a pivotable closure which is to be mounted in the frame. At least one of the hinge parts includes a cylindrical body having an adjustment screw extending therethrough and protruding into eith ...

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A hinge for pivotally supporting an awning mounted window sash for angular opening and closing movement relative to a window frame including a friction device slidably mountable on the window frame, a first link pivotally connected to the friction device and the window sash, a second link pivotally ...

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A window hinge for mounting a window sash for pivotal movement between open and closed positions including a track mountable to window frame and a sash arm mountable to a window sash. The sash arm is supported for movement relative to the track by a plurality of links, with pivotal connections to th ...

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A hinge for pivotally supporting a window sash for angular opening and closing movement relative to a window frame, including first and second links pivotally mounted on the window frame and pivotally connected to the window sash, a friction device slidably mounted on the window frame independent of ...

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A quarter-window for a vehicle is hinged to the center pillar of the vehicle by way of a hinge. The center pillar is provided with a holder having a hinge receiving opening and welded to the center pillar. The hinge is inserted into the hinge receiving opening of the holder by moving the window-hing ...

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An apparatus is disclosed for correcting misalignment problems in a casement window. An adjustment stud is included in an improved casement window unit. The adjustment stud includes a tenon mounted on a track assembly and a post to which a sash arm is rotatably attached. The tenon and post are eccen ...

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1,137,878. Hinges. HEINZ SCHURMANN & CO. 10 June, 1966 [22 July, 1965], No. 25873/66. Heading E2F. A hinge for a door or window comprises two straps 1, 2 and a hinge pin 6 having first and second cylindrical portions 12 and 13, the longitudinal axes of which are spaced apart, i.e. they are set eccen ...