WOOLLARD BENJAMIN: [en] Window Fastener.. WOOLLARD BENJAMIN, September 21, 1911: GB191026228-A

[en] 26,228. Woollard, B. Nov. 11. Hasp fastenings. -Relates to a sash - fastener of the type in which a lever on the outer sash engages the rear camshaped edge of a tumbler on the inner sash, thereby closing, c e ntring, and locking the window by a single movement. The outer inclined face of the tu ...

SIMMONS HARRY JUNIOR: [en] Improved Window Fastener.. SIMMONS HARRY JUNIOR, October 26, 1911: GB191110861-A

[en] 10,861. Simmons, H. May 4. Sliding bolts operated by tools. - Window sashes d are secured by a bolt a, sliding in sockets c and locked by cross-bolts e inserted through the sockets c and through recesses g in the bolt a. The fastening may be further secured by a pin, which has a detachable scre ...

Improvements in, or relating to, window-fasteners. Mary Ommundsen, July 23, 1925: GB237047-A

237,047. Ommundsen, M. May 9, 1924. Fastenings operated mechanically from a distance; latches, sliding. - A window fastener comprises a spring-retracted latch 6 in one sash which is held in the shot position by a spring catch 14 on the other sash, the catch being released by a Bowden cable operated ...




Improved window fastener. Ole Pedersen Furuseth, Knudt Johannesen Tragethon, November 7, 1929: GB321230-A

321,230. Furuseth, O. P., and Tragethon, K. J. April 4, 1929. Stays.-A telescopic stay comprising members 6, 8 pivoted to the frame 1 and window 2 is provided with a finger-operated catch 12 adapted to engage one of a series of holes 13 to secure the casement in adjusted position, the catch 12 havin ...



Improvements in draught deflectors. Eric Warburton, August 15, 1962: GB903689-A

903,689. Vehicle windows. WARBURTON, E. Jan. 17, 1961 [Oct. 17, 1959], No. 35221/59. Class 20 (3). A draught deflector for a motor vehicle's quarter light 11 comprises a substantially triangular sheet 10 of transparent material which is fitted over the upper portion of the window opening and secured ...