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113,058. Kay, J. June 21, 1917. Fastenings for sliding windows; sliding bolts. -Relates to a window fastener of the type in which a sliding bolt having a lug projecting from its end engages with a series of holes in a plate or bracket on the opposite sash. According to the invention, lugs 2C, 2D ext ...

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180,555. Thomas, H. May 24, 1921. Screw fastenings.-Relates to sash fasteners of the type comprising a screwed bolt or stud operated by a key and engaging sockets on the upper and lower sashes, and consists in mounting a socket in the style of the lower sash and a pair of threaded sockets in the sty ...


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Each drive strip (Antr Sch) has a C-shaped element fastened to it by screws. The drive strip slides below a fastening strip (Bef Sch) and the fastening for the C-shaped element passes through a slit in the fastening strip so that the C-shaped element projects above the fastening strip. - The locking ...


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A fastener for a door or window comprising a handle rotatably mounted on a fixing plate includes a handle lock 9 that prevents the handle from moving in a direction perpendicular to and away from the fixing plate. Figures 5, 6 and 7 show different embodiments of the lock 9. In Fig 5 the lock include ...

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A fastener (10), such as for a window, comprises a handle (16) rotatably mounted on a mounting plate (12), the handle comprising a plurality of formations (32A, 32B) selectively cooperable with a keeper (24) to provide a choice of at least two ventilation positions of the window. Securing means take ...

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L'invention a trait à une ferrure de verrouillage pour porte, fenêtre ou analogue, comprenant des moyens moteurs électriques 20 pour actionner au moins une tringle de manoeuvre 4, 5 agissant sur un ou plusieurs organes de blocage.

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A fastener for a window with a fixed frame (2) and a pivotally opening sash (1), the fastener comprising a first member (5) to be secured to the frame and a second member (14) to be secured to the sash. The second member has a pivotable handle (16), and the handle and first member (5) have cam surfa ...