Grant D B W: Door/window fastener. Beta Naco, July 8, 1987: GB2185062-A (1 worldwide citation)

The fastener has a handle part 6, at least one pivot point 3 and a locking nib 2, the portion of the fastener between the pivot point and nib being resiliently flexible in the plane of rotation of the device so as to allow the nib 2 to ride over a fixed abutment on the door or window jamb. The faste ...

Window fastener. James O Farrell, February 16, 1928: GB285275-A (1 worldwide citation)

285,275. O'Farrell, J. April 8, 1927. Fastenings for sliding windows comprise spring urged pivoted levers d mounted vertically in the frame and having one end h engaging a series of holes c on the sash to lock the window against movement in either direction, the other end g forming a handle.

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969,634. Window fasteners. ALLAN BROS. Ltd. May 18, 1962 [April 11, 1961], No. 12932/61. Headings E2A and E2F. A window fastener for a pivotal sash comprises a lever 16 pivotally mounted on the frame 10 and having cut-outs 18, 20 near the pivotal axis and remote therefrom respectively, to engage a k ...

Talbot Donald Thomas: Window fastener locking device. Yale Security Prod, January 11, 1995: GB2279690-A (1 worldwide citation)

A window fastener locking device has a hexagonal section body 10 with a tongue 10 at one end to fit in a slot in a fastener claw 14. The body 10 has undercut faces 10, 10 on opposite sides of the tongue, which form points for biting into the claw 14, when a fixing screw 11 which secures the body 10 ...



A secure window fastener. James Thomas Maurice Laban, January 19, 1922: GB173910-A (1 worldwide citation)

173,910. Laban, J. T. M. Oct. 20, 1920. Sliding bolts.-The bolt a of a windowfastener, working in a hole d in the top rail of the lower sash and engaging a hole e in the bottom rail of the upper sash, is secured in the shot position by rotating the bolt so that the slotted plate b lies between an in ...

An improved window fastener. George Ellison, June 1, 1922: GB180472-A (1 worldwide citation)

180,472. Ellison, G. March 19, 1921. Sash-fasteners, pivoted-arm type.-The pivoted arm D of a sash-fastener is formed with two curves K, L, of equal radius separated by a step M, and is slotted to engage the pivot I. Either curve can be positioned to bear against a quadrantal recess G on a plate C o ...

Improvements in window fasteners. Euromond, March 17, 1982: GB2083124-A (1 worldwide citation)

A casement window fastener comprises a body member 10, a sliding bolt 19 mounted on it and a handle 14 mounted on the body member 10 and operatively connected to the bolt 19 so that pivotal movement of the handle 14 causes the bolt 19 to slide into and out of the operative position. The handle 14 is ...