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A centrifugal air-driven motor, or windmill, is disclosed wherein the blades thereof are made of a pliable, flexible, uniformly apertured sheeting made, for example, of plastic, affixed by a flexible support system, to a central rotatable shaft, so that as the apertured plastic sheet is moved centri ...

Hayashi Shingo: Control device for windmill. Nabtesco, November 1, 2007: JP2007-285214 (6 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To implement both efficient operation of an electric generator of a windmill and prevention of damaging of the windmill, responding to wind blowing from any direction.SOLUTION: A control device for a windmill comprises: a pitch control device 36 in which a plurality of windmill ...

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Large wind cones are used to collect and discharge wind energy to small low cost wind turbines. Large straight or gradually bending windcones are installed as sails on top of ships, on anchored floating platforms and on anchored land platforms. Special ship design features to harvest and store harve ...

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A phase control mechanism controls phase relationship between two shafts. The phase control mechanism may be used to control various mechanical devices such as the pitch of propellers of aircraft and boats, the pitch of power producing windmills, opening and closing lathe and drill chucks and contro ...

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A system of rotatably and pivotally mounted radially extended bent supports for radially extending windmill rotor vanes in combination with axially movable radially extended control struts connected to the vanes with semi-automatic and automatic torque and other sensing and servo units provide autom ...

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A sulfur-containing electrode has a binder comprising a single-lithium ion conductor. The electrode may be used a cathode in a lithium-sulfur or silicon-sulfur battery.

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A hydraulic power generation system driven by compression air produced by fluid is provided. The present invention is featured in that it employs more than one group of windmills which can be driven by wind power, or utilizes hydraulic power, such as a river flow, tides at estuaries or bays to drive ...

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A windmill control system having lever means, for varying length of stroke of the pump piston, and a control means, responsive to the velocity of the wind to operate the lever means to vary the length of stroke and hence the effective displacement of the pump in accordance with available wind energy ...

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A three dimensional floating structure is formed of interconnected sealed pipes. Large tires are filled with foam, sealed and arranged side by side on the lowest horizontal pipes. A deck supports activities. Structures on sides at a water surface trap floating substances. Offset hinged plates connec ...

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258,952. McBain, W. J., McBain, A., and Howitt, H. T. Feb. 22, 1926. Regulating. - Relates to wind screws with automatically variable pitch blades wherein the blades move axially under centrifugal force and are provided with pins engaging cam grooves in the boss whereby they are rotated on their axe ...