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This invention is a counterbalancing assembly for air motivated devices such as windmills, for use in pumping water or other liquids from wells. The assembly includes arms extending outwardly from opposite sides of the reciprocating lifting rod of the windmill. The arms are affixed to rotatable disc ...

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162,999. Fraser, A. Oct. 25, 1920. Screw motors; blades. - Oppositely rotating wind-wheels 19, 20 are mounted at the narrow end of a conical casing 11. The casing is formed with thick walls and the wind channel may diverge as at 13 after passing the first wheel. The wheel hubs and the toothed gearin ...

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Systems and methods for disposing and supporting a solar panel array are disclosed. The embodiments comprise various combinations of cables, support columns, and pod constructions in which to support solar panels. The solar panels can incorporate single or dual tracking capabilities to enhance sunli ...

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An energy recovery system includes a ventilation system of a defined area, at least one windmill located exterior to the defined area and at least one flow guide apparatus positioned between the at least one exhaust and the at least one windmill. The ventilation system has at least one exhaust from ...

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A method is disclosed for arranging and exciting the stator, rotor and various windings of a multi-stage brushless high frequency alternator so that the resulting multiple high frequency sub-phase armature winding outputs can be rectified and commutated into three phase power frequency alternating c ...

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A device for the generation of two-dimensional and three-dimensional virtual color patterns by the single or multidirectional rotation of a movable body containing light emitters of differing colors. The light emitters may be intermittently or continuously flashed by a wind-powered alternating curre ...

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A sulfur-containing electrode has a binder comprising a single-lithium ion conductor. The electrode may be used a cathode in a lithium-sulfur or silicon-sulfur battery.

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In a vertical axis windmill, pivoted blades (1) are interconnected through links (6) connected to a central displaceable junction (7) so that a change in pitch of one blade affects the pitch of other blades. Movement of the junction is controlled by means (8) tending to return it towards the axis of ...

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1. A wind power plant having one or more turbines the rotation axis or axes of which are disposed vertically, each turbine including a rotor (3) having a plurality of orientable blades (4, 23, 36) disposed parallel to the rotor axis and the incidence angle of which relative to the direction of the i ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To restrain fuel consumption of a diesel power generation device to reduce a power generation cost, in a wind power/diesel-based hybrid power generation system. SOLUTION: This hybrid power generation system 1 is provided with: a wind power generation device 10 having a pluralit ...