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A tornado type wind turbine has a vertically disposed wind collecting tower with spaced apart inner and outer walls and a central bore. The upper end of the tower is open while the lower end of the structure is in communication with a wind intake chamber. An opening in the wind chamber is positioned ...

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A system and method of reactive power regulation in a wind farm having a plurality of wind turbines that provides optimum control of the reactive power compensation in the wind farm and is able to keep a reactive power reserve in order to support eventual grid contingencies.

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The present invention relates to a method for operating a wind turbine with an electrical generator, drivable by a rotor, for supplying electrical power to an electric grid, in particular to the loads connected thereto. The object of the present invention is to define a method for operating a wind t ...

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A de-icing and anti-icing arrangement for a Wind Energy Converting System (WECS), a WECS comprising a de-icing and anti-icing arrangement and a method for preventing and eliminating ice accretion on the rotor blades of a WECS are provided. The WECS comprises a tower, a rotor having a plurality of bl ...

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The wind energy generator has a propeller (2) driven generator in a housing (4) that is mounted on a pillar (5). The system is protected against lightning strikes (1) by a conductor system (10,11,12) coupled to ground (7). The system uses a slip ring and brush to connect between rotary and stationar ...

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What has been created is a new device that is used to take benefits from the energy of the high altitude winds for purposes of doing work and to produce usable and storable energy such as electricity, compressed air, etc., without using fuel. This device maybe in the form of an ordinary glider kite ...

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In a method for enabling a wind energy system to stay within noise immission limits, the rotational speed of the turbine rotor is reduced as soon as set values are reached in terms of sound level, wind speed, direction of the wind or time of the day. The second part of the inventive method consists ...

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A vibration damping technique for a wind turbine system is described. The wind turbine system includes a vibration damper, which provides a variable signal to control torque produced by a generator of the wind turbine system. The variable signal is based on generator speed and has a first local peak ...