Aloys Wobben: Wind energy system with adjustment of the sound level. February 10, 2004: US06688841 (25 worldwide citation)

In a method for enabling a wind energy system to stay within noise immission limits, the rotational speed of the turbine rotor is reduced as soon as set values are reached in terms of sound level, wind speed, direction of the wind or time of the day. The second part of the inventive method consists ...

Emilian Mieczyslaw Moroz: Multi-piece wind turbine rotor blades and wind turbines incorporating same. General Electric Company, Armstrong Teasdale, June 3, 2008: US07381029 (24 worldwide citation)

A multisection blade for a wind turbine includes a hub extender having a pitch bearing at one end, a skirt or fairing having a hole therethrough and configured to mount over the hub extender, and an outboard section configured to couple to the pitch bearing.

Luetze Hans Henning, Rieken Stefan, Meyer Dietmar: Wind farm and method for operating same. Gen Electric, October 13, 2004: EP1467463-A1 (24 worldwide citation)

A wind farm with at least two wind turbines (1, 2, 3, 4) connected to a power grid is provided, said wind farm further comprising a control unit (5) connected to said at least two wind turbines (1, 2, 3, 4), and a sensor unit (6) connected to said power grid and said control unit (5), wherein said s ...

Letas Heinz Hermann, Limbeck Volker, Scheibe Klaus, Lehmann Eberhard, Wilmes Thomas, Venker Michael: Lightning protection system for wind turbines. Repower Systems, Stemmann Technik, August 31, 2005: EP1568883-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

The wind energy generator has a propeller (2) driven generator in a housing (4) that is mounted on a pillar (5). The system is protected against lightning strikes (1) by a conductor system (10,11,12) coupled to ground (7). The system uses a slip ring and brush to connect between rotary and stationar ...

Kermit I Harner, Frank R Niessen, Robert Sherman: Blade pitch angle control for large wind turbines. United Technologies Corporation, John Swiatocha, April 7, 1987: US04656362 (24 worldwide citation)

A blade pitch angle control system for a wind turbine includes an improved control means (95) for providing a minimum pitch angle reference signal indicative of desired blade pitch at wind velocities less than rated. The control means includes means (35 and 30) for providing signals indicative of ge ...

Emilian Mieczyslaw Moroz, Kirk Gee Pierce: Methods and apparatus for reduction of asymmetric rotor loads in wind turbines. General Electric Company, James E McGinness Esq, Armstrong Teasdale, October 10, 2006: US07118339 (23 worldwide citation)

A method for reducing load and providing yaw alignment in a wind turbine includes measuring displacements or moments resulting from asymmetric loads on the wind turbine. These measured displacements or moments are used to determine a pitch for each rotor blade to reduce or counter asymmetric rotor l ...

James C Bradley, Sunil K Jain, Rodney J Klinger, Joseph T Penaloza: Air power energy transformation to electrical energy for hybrid electric vehicle applications. International Truck Intellectual Property Company, Jeffrey P Calfa, Mark C Bach, Gerald W Askew, September 7, 2010: US07789182 (22 worldwide citation)

A vehicle having one or more small vehicle-mounted electricity generating wind turbines located within an area of wind recirculation. The electricity generated is used to recharge vehicle batteries, partially power an auxiliary electric propulsion motor, or supply vehicle parasitic loads.

Gregorio Rivas, Iker Garmendia, Josu Elorriaga, Jesus Mayor, Javier Perez Barbachano, David Sole, Jorge Acedo: Reactive power control for operating a wind farm. Ingeteam Energy, Sughrue Mion PLLC, May 12, 2009: US07531911 (22 worldwide citation)

A system and method of reactive power regulation in a wind farm having a plurality of wind turbines that provides optimum control of the reactive power compensation in the wind farm and is able to keep a reactive power reserve in order to support eventual grid contingencies.

Lorenzo Battisti: Anti-icing system for wind turbines. Cesari and McKenna, Patricia A Sheehan, December 29, 2009: US07637715 (22 worldwide citation)

A de-icing and anti-icing arrangement for a Wind Energy Converting System (WECS), a WECS comprising a de-icing and anti-icing arrangement and a method for preventing and eliminating ice accretion on the rotor blades of a WECS are provided. The WECS comprises a tower, a rotor having a plurality of bl ...

Zancai Lucio: (De) Flügel für windturbinen mit vertikaler drehachse, (En) Blade for wind turbines with a vertical rotational axis. Ropatec, Zancai Lucio, OBEROSLER Ludwig, November 27, 2008: WO/2008/141813 (22 worldwide citation)

(EN) The invention relates to a blade for wind turbines with a vertical rotational axis, said blade being supported by a single arm (2), which projects radially from a hub (1) that is mounted to rotate (R) around the vertical axis (A). Said blade has a substantially elliptical linear (3) or hastate ...

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