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The present invention relates to a wind energy generating and storing system comprising methods and apparatuses for providing energy dedicated for immediate use and energy storage, to provide electrical power on an uninterrupted and continuous basis, to locations remote from an electrical power grid ...

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A new design for large wind turbines permitting a substantial reduction in weight and cost. Lightweight airfoils comprising the turbine blades are supported within an extensive space frame system which eliminates the large bending moments to which the blades of a conventional wind turbine are subjec ...

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Improvements to wind turbines for electrical power generation, incorporating a blade (

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A collapsible structure comprising a non-rigid helicoidal sheet braced by light-weight members according to one of several methods. The structure is used in the construction of a wind turbine, wherein a flexible fabric sheet (21) is reinforced by wires (42) sewn into its edges, and may be further re ...