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The present invention relates to a method for operating a wind turbine with an electrical generator, drivable by a rotor, for supplying electrical power to an electric grid, in particular to the loads connected thereto. The object of the present invention is to define a method for operating a wind t ...

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A method for controlling a ramp rate of a wind farm is described. The method includes predicting an initial predicted power to be output by a wind farm including a wind turbine.

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A wind farm is described in which two or more windmills are provided with each having a generator to generate electrical power. The energy supplied by the generators is output to a general a.c. grid which is set at a standard voltage. The electrical power supplied by the windmills is injected into t ...

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A wind turbine generator control system includes relatively fast regulation of voltage (110) near the individual generators with relatively slower overall reactive power regulation at a substation or wind farm level (150). The setpoint of the relatively fast voltage regulator is adjusted by the rela ...

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Improvements to wind farms and wind generators for harnessing wind energy or generating electricity from wind. Secondary wind turbines are provided at particular locations within a wind farm to generate additional electricity, in some embodiments, using a common electrical power collection system. E ...

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The invention relates to a wind-driven power-plant comprising a rotor (100) which is fitted with at least one rotor blade and which is connected directly or indirectly to a generator for power generation, further including an electrical assembly made up of different electrical sub-assemblies includi ...

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A method for controlling dynamic power factor or the reactive power of a wind farm is provided. The wind farm comprises a number of wind turbines connected to a utility grid driven with a requested power factor or a requested reactive power. The wind turbine output voltage is controlled to a specifi ...

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A method of operating a wind farm that includes a plurality of wind turbine generators (WTGs) includes generating wind turbine generator (WTG) availability data for each WTG. The method also includes generating wide-area meteorological data for a first geographical region. The method further include ...

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A wind farm comprises at least one wind turbine and the combination of a voltage controller and a tap-changing transformer arranged to control a reactive power output of the wind farm. The tap-changing transformer is arranged to transform an output voltage of the wind farm at a predetermined positio ...