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A wind power installation is disclosed comprising a rotor having at least one rotor blade for converting the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy, an adjusting device for individually adjusting at least one rotor blade, a generator for converting the mechanical energy of the rotor into ...

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A cooling arrangement for an offshore wind energy installation, having a heat-absorbing device for absorbing heat generated by the electronic devices and/or the mechanical devices of the offshore energy installation, which is to be removed, and a coupled heat-dissipating device for dissipating heat ...

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A wind energy plant comprising a rotor, a rotor shaft, a gear, and a generator, the generator embodied as a ring concentrically embracing the gear.

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The invention relates to a circuit with a variable rotational speed to be used particularly in a wind power plant, comprising a double fed asynchronous generator (DASM), a crow-bar, an additional resistor (R15) and a converter. In order to meet the requirements of the network provider, whereby a par ...

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(EN) The invention relates to a paneling (30) of a nacelle (12) of a wind energy installation (10), which comprises a paneling cover surface (40) that is orientated upwards in the installed position, said paneling being configured with a hatch opening (46) that is embodied in the paneling cover surf ...

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A method of lubricating gear means for a wind energy installation comprises the steps of maintaining operational lubrication by an oil-circulating system (12 to 15) with injection lubrication, with the oil being cooled at the same time. The normal height (I) of the oil level in the gear means casing ...

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The invention relates to a rotor blade (22) for a wind energy installation (10), with the rotor blade (22) having at least one cavity (28). The cavity (28) is sealed to be gas-tight and is filled with gas, in particular air, in order to prestress the rotor blade (22), with the pressure of the gas be ...

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A method for optimizing the operation of wind energy installations includes operating target and reference wind energy installations to optimize the target installation first using a first set of operating parameters and then using a second set of operating parameters different from the first operat ...

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A support (3) carrying the rotor (1) of a wind energy installation, which is mounted via roller bearings (5,6) on a nacelle (10) and via which support (3) the rotational movement of the rotor is fed into a gearing (11) which can be coupled to a generator and terminates in a sleeve (4), at the nacell ...

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A wind farm includes a plurality of wind energy installations which generate electrical energy to be output to a power supply system and a wind farm master for controlling the wind energy installations. Each wind energy installation includes a generator which is driven by a rotor, and the wind farm ...