Prapan Paul Tinaphong: Method and apparatus for harvesting energy. Audiovox Corporation, Gerald T Bodner, January 29, 2013: US08362745 (63 worldwide citation)

An energy harvesting circuit includes one or more broadband or narrow band antennas to detect WIFI (wireless fidelity) or other RF (radio frequency) signals. The signals are rectified and voltage multiplied, and the resultant DC voltage is provided to a power management circuit. The output of the po ...

Robert W Boyd: Location system for wireless local area network (WLAN) using RSSI and time difference of arrival (TDOA) processing. Zebra Enterprise Solutions, Alston & Bird, March 1, 2011: US07899006 (54 worldwide citation)

A wireless local area network includes a plurality of access point stations that receive and transmit communications signals within the wireless local area network. A first set of access point stations are WiFi compliant and measure signal strength and determine the received signal strength indicati ...

Kamilo Feher: Detection, communication and control in multimode cellular, TDMA, GSM, spread spectrum, CDMA, OFDM WiLAN and WiFi systems. November 13, 2012: US08311509 (51 worldwide citation)

Detection device for detection and generation of detection device generated signal, processed with remote control device generated remote control signal, with location finder or location tracker or navigation signal and with Modulation Demodulation (Modem) Format Selectable (MFS) communication signa ...

Joseph Ungari, Winston Wang, Robert Buck, Mike Kemery, Paulo S T Chow, Anthony Giardini, Valerie Goulart, Ming Ligh: Charging station that operates as an intermediary device between mobile devices and other devices. T Mobile USA, Perkins Coie, January 7, 2014: US08626249 (51 worldwide citation)

A charging station for mobile devices that acts as an intermediary device to facilitate communication between mobile devices and other proximate devices. The charging station may receive data with a mobile device via a first communication protocol (e.g., Bluetooth) or in a first data format and may ...

Edward J Morgan, Michael G Shean, Farshid Alizadeh Shabdiz, Russel K Jones: Continuous data optimization of moved access points in positioning systems. Skyhook Wireless, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, August 14, 2012: US08244272 (50 worldwide citation)

Methods and systems of continuously optimizing data in WiFi positioning systems. A location-based services system uses WiFi-enabled devices to monitor WiFi access points in a target area to indicate whether a WiFi access point has moved relative to its previously recorded location. A WiFi-enabled de ...

John Doherty, Mike Collins: Multi-purpose portable computer with integrated devices. Motion Computing, Charles D Huston, Daffer McDaniel, April 10, 2012: US08152071 (50 worldwide citation)

A portable computer having multiple modes of connectivity is disclosed. The portable computer may be configured to communicate using several wireless transmission protocols, including WWAN, WiFi, and Bluetooth. The portable computer may also receive input from multiple devices, including a bar code ...

Louie J Sanguinetti: Wireless communications circuitry with simultaneous receive capabilities for handheld electronic devices. Apple, Treyz Law Group, G Victor Treyz, Jason Tsai, February 25, 2014: US08660501 (47 worldwide citation)

Handheld electronic devices are provided that contain wireless communications circuitry. The wireless communications circuitry has simultaneous reception functions that allow the handheld devices to simultaneously receive multiple communications signals in a single communications band. The handheld ...

Ji Zheng Zhang, Xi Yin Liu, Kun Shi, Na Sun, Yan Lai Wang: Method and system of using a wireless link in the backhaul connection. Alcatel Lucent USA, Harness Dickey & Pierce, May 24, 2011: US07948942 (47 worldwide citation)

One embodiment of the communication system includes a switch, at least one base station, and a backhaul connection including at least one wireless link connecting the at least one base station to the switch. The wireless link may include at least one of a WiMax carrier and a WiFi carrier.

Sateesh K Addepalli, Ashok K Moghe, Lillian Lei Dai, Mohammand H Falaki: System and method for providing resource sharing, synchronizing, media coordination, transcoding, and traffic management in a vehicular environment. Cisco Technology, Patent Capital Group, July 14, 2015: US09083581 (46 worldwide citation)

A method in one embodiment includes maintaining a list of authorized devices; creating an association between a wireless device being operated by an end user and an onboard unit (OBU) element, which is provisioned in a vehicle; establishing a session over a designated port for an application to be e ...

Hatem Zeine, Anas Alfarra, Dale Mayes, Fady El Rukby, Samy Mahmoud, John B Springer, Benjamin Todd Renneberg, Prithvi Shylendra, Anthony L Johnson, Douglas Wayne Williams: Wireless charging with multiple power receiving facilities on a wireless device. Ossia, Setter Roche, April 11, 2017: US09620996 (44 worldwide citation)

The disclosed system utilizes multiple wireless power receivers (antennas and or paths) for receiving power. The disclosed system includes a chip, such as an application specific chip (ASICs) connectable to multiple antennas and units to convert radio frequency (RF) power into direct current (DC) po ...

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