Roger Phillips, Geoffery McGarraugh, Franklin A Jurik, Raymond D Underwood: Whole blood glucose test strip. LifeScan, October 8, 1996: US05563042 (233 worldwide citation)

A whole blood glucose test strip for measuring glucose in an unmeasured whole blood sample which does not require removal of excess sample, and which is adapted for use in a reflectance reading apparatus which measures reflectance at about 635 nm and about 700 nm, the test strip comprising a handle ...

Saker A Karimi, Geoffrey McGarraugh, Yeung S Yu: Control solution for a blood glucose monitor. LifeScan, James Riesenfeld, February 25, 1997: US05605837 (200 worldwide citation)

A control solution for use with a photometric blood glucose strip contains glucose in an aqueous suspension of carbon black. The control solution mimics blood when applied to a whole blood glucose test strip, which is then inserted into a meter. A meter reading within a predetermined range indicates ...

Phillips Roger, Mcgarraugh Geoffery, Jurik Franklin A, Underwood Raymond D: Epreuve de dosage sur bandelette de la glycemie dans le sang entier, Whole blood glucose test strip. Lifescan, OGILVY RENAULT SENCRLSRL, December 5, 1995: CA1337682

A whole blood glucose test strip for measuringglucose in an unmeasured whole blood sample isdescribed, the test strip being adapted for use in areflectance reading apparatus capable of measuringreflectance at two difference wavelengths. The teststrip comprises a porous, hydrophilic matrix having asa ...

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