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A tool for running on a well string such as a drill string in a well bore carries inflatable packer means to close off the well bore adjacent the tool. The tool includes a body having a longitudinal bore therethrough with seating means and shock absorbing means for absorbing the shock of seating a b ...

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A new and improved method and apparatus for reliably and accurately controlling one or more operations of subsurface well drilling and well control equipment, and for reducing the likelihood of inadvertent actuation of such apparatus from stray or other undesired or spurious signals, is disclosed.

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A system for conveying fluid from a single subsea supply conduit to provide a fluid supply for each of a plurality of subsea well control apparatus requiring fluid supplies at different pressure levels. A fluid receiver receives fluid under pressure from the single subsea supply conduit, and a regul ...

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An assembly for regulating the flow of effluents through a multiple conduit well may comprise: a support assembly for releasably supporting a plurality of conduits in the well; a sensing device connected to the support assembly and responsive to one or more predetermined conditions at the well to au ...

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A system for capping the upper opening of a well having an accommodation for a remotely-located control device. More specifically, a well cap system for a water-well having a pipe casing that permits one or more well control apparatus to be located within the well cap. The system is a two-part assem ...

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Apparatus for the venting and isolation of an oil well test tool drill string comprises reference pressure gas release apparatus having two spaced pistons (7, 11) located at opposite ends of the reference gas chamber (10) and blocking both a gas vent (17) to annulus and a hydraulic liquid passageway ...

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