Jerrold K Emmons: Object retrieval device used in water. Richard C Litman, December 25, 2001: US06332819 (6 worldwide citation)

A water retrieval device that is attached to a valuable item to prevent that item from sinking and being lost in muddy or deep water. The device may be in the shape of a latex fish, which contains chemicals that react with the surrounding water that is drawn into the device. Once the device and the ...

Randy A Kogutt, Michael A Kogutt: Inlaid portfolio or folder and method of making same. Dart Manufacturing Company, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld L, October 5, 1999: US05961150 (6 worldwide citation)

A portfolio, folder or wallet is formed from a flexible leather or synthetic leatherlike cover member forming front and back covers with one of the covers having a window formed therein and a fabric inlay secured to the cover member around the periphery of the window. The inlay includes a multicolor ...

Webster Morgan: Mail return kit. Martin LuKacher, November 24, 1981: US04301919 (6 worldwide citation)

A kit for returning lost or stolen wallets and like articles is described. The kit consists of a card, a stamp and a mailing label mounted in over-lapping relationship on one side of the card in slots in the card. Strips of pressure sensitive tape are mounted on the opposite side of the card. Indici ...

Harold K Asp Jr: Cap with integrated storage pouches. John D Gugliotta, December 7, 1999: US05996124 (6 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is an otherwise conventional sports cap-like hat with two weatherproof, zippered pouches for storing and transporting personal items such as keys, wallets, money, etc. attached to the rear portion thereof.

Schutzer Daniel: System and method for use of distributed electronic wallets. Citibank Na, February 21, 2001: EP1077419-A2 (6 worldwide citation)

Methods and systems whereby two electronic wallets communicate and exchange information. In one such system, a consumer's personal electronic wallet communicates with the exclusive or preferred wallet of a web merchant. In one such system, an internet consumer registers with a web merchant's exclusi ...

Jorge H Soriano: Grocery basket with anti-theft compartment. Ralph S Branscomb, November 30, 1982: US04361340 (6 worldwide citation)

A modification of a grocery cart is provided, which could be retrofitted on an existing cart, and which defines an enclosed compartment for the temporary containment of valuables such as purses or wallets, there being two basic embodiments to accommodate both traditional grocery carts which nest fro ...

An improved wallet for protecting and storing photographic negatives and positives. Carl Eggen, August 15, 1939: GB511235-A (6 worldwide citation)

511,235. Wallets or folders. EGGEN, C. Sept. 3, 1938, No. 25836. Convention date, Sept. 8, 1937. [Class 146 (i)] [Also in Group XVII] A wallet or folder for holding photographic negatives comprises covers g, e and a number of transparent envelopes a each adapted to contain a single negative, the env ...

Improvements in or relating to covers for wallets, note books, and the like. Morland & Impey, Richard Fitz Power, July 30, 1931: GB353680-A (6 worldwide citation)

353,680. Covers for notebooks &c. MORLAND & IMPEY, Ltd., Kalamazoo Works, Northfield, Birmingham, and POWER, R. F., 18, Chesterford Gardens, Hampstead, London. July 16, 1930, No. 21592. [Classes 16 and 146 (i).] A closure device for wallets, notebooks, &c., comprises a wrappedover or overlapping por ...

Carrier for slides. Slide Centre, November 23, 1977: GB1492571-A (6 worldwide citation)

1492571 Wallets SLIDE CENTRE Ltd 21 May 1975 [21 Nov 1974] 50531/74 Heading A4G A wallet for photographic slides as disclosed in Specification 1375401 is provided at the top or bottom edge with means for receiving a filing bar so that the wallet can be suspended in a filing cabinet. The filing bar r ...

Eiji Okamura: Electronic tag device. Leading Information Technology Institute, August 12, 2003: US06606029 (6 worldwide citation)

An electronic tag device is attached to products, such as accessories, clothing, shoes, bags, and wallets, of an indefinite and/or complex shape on which the use of a visually identifiable tag may be difficult due to bending or folding. The electronic tag device comprises an electronic tag

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