Barry H Grayson, Martin C Shanker: Removable wallet inserts for storing and protecting photographs. Hopgood Calimafde Kalil & Judlowe, August 22, 2000: US06105298 (8 worldwide citation)

A removable insert which is used to frame and protect personal photographs and the like for use in conventional wallets.

Townsend Glenn: Wallets. Easibind, December 5, 1990: GB2232071-A (8 worldwide citation)

A wallet having a front wall 12 connected to a rear wall 18 by a pair of side walls 14 and a bottom wall 16, the side and bottom walls being expandable (e.g. comprising gusset portions) to enable the front and rear walls to be spaced apart by a greater or lesser extent, the front wall being foldably ...


Improvements in or relating to protective book covers. Arthur James Wells, December 10, 1952: GB683885-A (8 worldwide citation)

683,885. Loose covers for books. WELLS, A. J. April 26, 1950. [March 22, 1949] No. 7691/49. Class 16. In a protective book cover comprising two wallet-like parts adapted to constitute pockets for accommodating respectively the front and back covers proper of a book and which are interconnected by a ...

No title available. December 29, 1972: GB1301501-A (8 worldwide citation)

1301501 Wallets WILLIAM W CLELAND Ltd 14 Dec 1971 [17 Sept 1970] 44342/70 Heading A4G [Also in Division B8] A packaging device comprises a base portion 2, edgewise extensions of the base portion forming article retaining means 8 and cover means 10, the article retaining means lying over the base por ...

Gregory G Raleigh, Jose Tellado, Jeffrey Green, James Lavine, Justin James, Laurent An Minh Nguyen, Russell Bertrand Carter III: Service plan design, user interfaces, application programming interfaces, and device management. Headwater Partners I, James E Harris, January 31, 2017: US09557889 (7 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are methods, systems, and apparatuses to enable subscribers of mobile wireless communication devices to view, research, select and customize service plans; to create and manage device groups, share and set permission controls for service plans among devices in device groups; to mana ...

Ellen Lasch, Lisa Ann Morrill Webb, Priscilla Gandel: Foldable transaction card systems. American Express Travel Related Services Company, Snell & Wilmer L, June 10, 2008: US07383989 (7 worldwide citation)

Transaction cards having one or more folds therein to provide compact and easily stored transaction cards are provided. Moreover, foldable transaction cards are provided having one or more holes or apertures therein for holding key chains, or other devices for attaching the transaction cards to othe ...

Chip E Thomson, Glen E Clifton, Michael C Lah, Lauren S Brenneman, Joseph B Wieck: Devices for holding paper, cards, and wallets. beza, Fulbright & Jaworski L, October 17, 2006: US07120970 (7 worldwide citation)

Devices for holding paper, cards, and/or wallets. One device has a clip with two ends and a leverage bump; and an arm pivotally coupled to each end. One of the arms contacts the leverage bump when the clip is opened. Another device includes a clip having a receiving portion and a holding portion. Th ...

Jerrold K Emmons: Object retrieval device used in water. Richard C Litman, December 25, 2001: US06332819 (7 worldwide citation)

A water retrieval device that is attached to a valuable item to prevent that item from sinking and being lost in muddy or deep water. The device may be in the shape of a latex fish, which contains chemicals that react with the surrounding water that is drawn into the device. Once the device and the ...

Jorge H Soriano: Grocery basket with anti-theft compartment. Ralph S Branscomb, November 30, 1982: US04361340 (7 worldwide citation)

A modification of a grocery cart is provided, which could be retrofitted on an existing cart, and which defines an enclosed compartment for the temporary containment of valuables such as purses or wallets, there being two basic embodiments to accommodate both traditional grocery carts which nest fro ...

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