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A method and system for storage and retrieval of blockchains with Galois Fields. One or more blocks for a blockchain are securely stored and retrieved with a modified Galois Fields on a cloud or peer-to-peer (P2P) communications network. The modified Galois Field provides at least additional layers ...

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Devices for holding paper, cards, and/or wallets. One device has a clip with two ends and a leverage bump; and an arm pivotally coupled to each end. One of the arms contacts the leverage bump when the clip is opened. Another device includes a clip having a receiving portion and a holding portion. Th ...

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A removable insert which is used to frame and protect personal photographs and the like for use in conventional wallets.

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The present invention relates to a digital graphic signature system and methods for use in electronic commerce. The system comprises a document portion, including information relating to the document being executed, and a signature portion. The document portion and the signature portion may be encry ...

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An air mattress is formed with a deep pocket adjacent one end portion for storing and concealing various items such as glasses, wallets, flashlights and the like. An inflatable pillow or similar cover member is tethered at one end to the mattress with a flexible hinge and connected to the mattress a ...

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The invention relates generally to wallets, and more particularly to wallets useful for organizing, carrying, and displaying essential items. The wallet disclosed herein is a wearable display wallet that includes a fastening device for releasably retaining the wallet in a closed configuration and a ...

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A wallet having a front wall 12 connected to a rear wall 18 by a pair of side walls 14 and a bottom wall 16, the side and bottom walls being expandable (e.g. comprising gusset portions) to enable the front and rear walls to be spaced apart by a greater or lesser extent, the front wall being foldably ...

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A cover plate for covering a wall box mounted wiring device such as an electrical receptacle. The cover plate includes an attachment member for covering the wall box opening, at least one opening for at least one wiring device, and a shelf attached to the attachment member. The shelf may also have a ...


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683,885. Loose covers for books. WELLS, A. J. April 26, 1950. [March 22, 1949] No. 7691/49. Class 16. In a protective book cover comprising two wallet-like parts adapted to constitute pockets for accommodating respectively the front and back covers proper of a book and which are interconnected by a ...