William H Sullivan: Locking clips for security wallets and the like. Bruno J Verbeck, Michael L Slonecker, December 9, 1980: US04237583 (12 worldwide citation)

A security wallet be attached to the waistband of a person's garment for disposition between the person's body and the garment is securely but detachably mounted to the waistband by a locking device comprising an inverted U-shaped clip, at least one latch member on said clip interiorly thereof havin ...

Gaines Alvin M: Magnetic closure. Henry Patrick F, July 9, 1974: US3822906 (12 worldwide citation)

A magnetic closure for keycases, pocketbooks, wallets, and other containers which provides positive opening as well as a closing by means of magnets with respective North and South poles so positioned as to bring opposite poles into proximity for positive closing and like poles into proximity for op ...

Ian James Clubb, Philip Geoffrey Claridge, Thomas Joseph Shusta, Jeffrey M Miller: System and method for revenue and authorization management. Convergys Information Management Group, Foley & Lardner, November 5, 2013: US08577795 (11 worldwide citation)

A system is disclosed for facilitating relationship-centric authorization of transactions in a manner which provides optimum scalability and availability by logically partitioning wallets in conjunction with partitioning a resource associated with a group of consumers.

Blake A Jones, George R Cameron, Eric E Lowe: Scalable resource allocation. Oracle America, Osha ยท Liang, February 28, 2012: US08127295 (11 worldwide citation)

A device, system, and method are directed towards managing limited resources in a computer system with multiple processing units. Each processing unit has a corresponding bucket. Each thread executing on a processing unit has a corresponding wallet. Buckets and wallets contain credits corresponding ...

Yacov Yacobi, Paul England: System and method for flexible micropayment of low value electronic assets. Microsoft Corporation, Lee & Hayes PLLC, March 28, 2006: US07020638 (11 worldwide citation)

An electronic asset system mints a stick of electronic assets that can be spent by the user with multiple vendors. Assets sticks are issued anonymously or non-anonymously in a way without requiring dedication to a particular vendor, hence allowing the user to spend one or more assets from the stick ...

Fred G Geiger: Display stand. Amity Leather Products Company, James E Nilles, November 30, 1976: US03994460 (11 worldwide citation)

A one-piece decorative display stand intended for use in displaying a variety of alternative types of merchandise items such as billfolds or the like in any number of generally vertically upstanding positions such that the item displayed is presented in an attractive manner to consumers. The display ...

Elmer A Wessel: Ball and bat carrier. Industrial Machine Specialties, Vincent L Carney, June 17, 1986: US04595226 (10 worldwide citation)

To permit ready transportation of equipment for a baseball game to the field and hold it in ready condition during a game, a ball and bat carrier has a wire frame with: (a) an enclosed general storage area centrally located; (b) ball holders on either end of the enclosed general storage area; (c) a ...

Paltenghe Chris T: Digital graphic signature system. Citicorp Dev Center, October 20, 1999: EP0950992-A2 (9 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a digital graphic signature system and methods for use in electronic commerce. The system comprises a document portion, including information relating to the document being executed, and a signature portion. The document portion and the signature portion may be encry ...

Susan Michaelis, Douglas Casto: Inflatable mattress with storage compartment. The Coleman Company, May 27, 2003: US06568012 (9 worldwide citation)

An air mattress is formed with a deep pocket adjacent one end portion for storing and concealing various items such as glasses, wallets, flashlights and the like. An inflatable pillow or similar cover member is tethered at one end to the mattress with a flexible hinge and connected to the mattress a ...

Cynthia DeMichele: Wearable display wallet and method of use thereof. Schmeiser Olsen & Watts, November 10, 2009: US07614434 (8 worldwide citation)

The invention relates generally to wallets, and more particularly to wallets useful for organizing, carrying, and displaying essential items. The wallet disclosed herein is a wearable display wallet that includes a fastening device for releasably retaining the wallet in a closed configuration and a ...

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