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Combined keyholders and wallets include a plurality of overlying layers forming a currency pocket therebetween and to which is attached at least one key cover having a plurality of cut-outs along opposite edges. A plurality of adjacent key receiving pockets are formed beneath the key cover by altern ...

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A combination beach bag and beach mat for storing and transporting personal items for leisure, camping, travel, vacation, swimming pool and beach going excursions includes an upper storage section having an inner storage cavity for containing a towel and a beach mat therein, and the beach mat integr ...

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A wallet is disclosed which incorporates an electrical alarm circuit for signalling that e.g. a credit card has not been properly returned to its compartment in the wallet. The electrical current is transferred from compartment to compartment, and from the battery and buzzer portion, by means of con ...

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This invention concerns an integrated circuit (IC) device, such as smart cards, electronic wallets, PC cards, and the like, and various methods for steganographically authenticating identities and authorizing transactions based on the authenticated identities. The IC device has a memory and a proces ...

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A system for tracking objects includes a radio frequency (RF) transceiver device integrated in a wireless handheld personal electronic device (e.g., cell phone, BLACKBERRY, iPHONE) having a visual display, a battery power source and a selection of distinct audible ringtones. The transceiver device c ...

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A device for connecting an array of electronic-card-carrying modular structures to an external installation with which a flow of signals can be established, and also providing communication between the various modular structures. The device includes, near the array of modular structures, a plate pro ...

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A system is disclosed for facilitating relationship-centric authorization of transactions in a manner which provides optimum scalability and availability by logically partitioning wallets in conjunction with partitioning a resource associated with a group of consumers.

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This invention concerns an integrated circuit (IC) device, such as smart cards, electronic wallets, PC cards, and the like, and various methods for authenticating identities and authorizing transactions based on the authenticated identities in a situation-dependent manner.

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Personal leather goods (PLG's) such as wallets, billfolds, pocket calendars have a portion which is required to bend repeatedly. This bending causes cracking and extreme wear which adversely affects the looks of the item and reduces its useful life. Disclosed is a mechanical hinge which attaches to ...