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A digital data system that includes a control system at a customer site that blocks access to a down-loaded stored program after it has been viewed a predetermined number of times (e.g., once), or after a predetermined interval, or any combination thereof.

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A system and method of optimizing transmission of a program to multiple users over a distribution system, with particular application to video-on-demand for a CATV network. The system includes, at a head end of the CATV network a scheduling and routing computer for dividing the video program stored ...

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A server and method allocates access to a digital video movie to clients for viewing upon demand. The server receives requests to view the movie and in response, compares a number of requests to concurrently view the movie to a threshold. If the number is less than the threshold, the server allocate ...

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A system and method are provided for providing a full service cable television system. The cable system incorporates a digital and analog transmission architecture capable of delivering a high number of high quality television programs, advanced cable services, and online services to a subscriber&ap ...

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An audio/video distribution system for a multiple dwelling unit such as an apartment building provides programming which is selectable by a subscriber through the interactive use of on-screen menus. Programming and services are supplied from a headend over a distribution network to individual apartm ...

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A video signal receiver receives a plurality of video channels simultaneously carrying, offset by a transmission interval, a single video program, selects one channel from which to obtain the program for display to a user, and achieves a pause function in the display of the transmitted video program ...

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A video on demand computer system includes a plurality of storage media each storing a plurality of videos. The storage media are disks attached to a computer system. The computer system plays the videos on demand by reading out the videos from the disks as data steams to play selected ones of the v ...

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A method and apparatus for processing an information stream comprising a plurality of compressed information frames to produce an information sub-stream having a reduced number of information frames. In the case of an MPEG video information stream, the information sub-stream is suitable for use as a ...

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A method and concomitant apparatus for interactively accessing information from a computer network, such as a TCP/IP network, suitable for use in an interactive information distribution system, illustratively a cable television system or a video on demand system.

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A system and method of providing for displaying a full service cable television system. The cable television system is adapted to provide a plurality of different user services. Accordingly, the system and method are designed to allow a user to access services in an efficient memory conserving fashi ...