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A video-on-demand system divides video files into sequentially organized data segments for transmission and playback. Each segment is repeatedly transmitted in a looping fashion over a transmission channel. The rate of transmission is equal to or greater than the playback rate, and the lengths of th ...

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Portions of multimedia program (presentation) are repetitively broadcast to receiving stations with subsequent portions being broadcast less frequently than preceding portions. Blocks of at least one of the portions are broadcast in varying permutations from one repetition to a next repetition. Furt ...

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A system and method are provided for providing a full service cable television system. The cable system incorporates a digital and analog transmission architecture capable of delivering a high number of high quality television programs, advanced cable services, and online services to a subscriber&ap ...

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A system and method for Video-on-Demand (VOD) satisfying the desire of `surfers`. The process entails a server operating in a standard NVOD mode, whereby it continuously sends multiple copies of each program on separate channels. Each copy is delayed by a staggered time interval. The invention provi ...

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