Steven Houghtaling: Air-gap hydrophone. Microsonics, James R Young, July 16, 1991: US05033032 (43 worldwide citation)

A hydrophone for the detection of sound or vibrational waves, comprising a piezo electric transducer within a Faraday cage such that it is in contact with and yet isolated from a deformable pressure transmitting medium that carries vibrations. The Faraday cage reduces noise interference. The deforma ...

Timothy A Murphy: Triacylglycerol based candle wax. Cargill, Foley & Lardner, January 7, 2003: US06503285 (43 worldwide citation)

Candles formed from triacylglycerol-based wax are provided. The wax generally has a melting point of about 130 to 145° F. (circa 54 to 63° C.). The wax includes a triacylglycerol component and a polyol partial ester component. Examples of suitable polyol partial esters include fatty acid monoesters ...

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A novel soybean seed and plant designated AX7777-7-30 having ATCC Accession No. 97616 and its descendents are provided. Such soybean seed contains an endogenous linolenic acid (C18:3) content in the vegetable oil at a low level of less than about 3 percent by weight (preferably less than about 2.5 p ...

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The present invention provides a liquid evaporation inhibitor which is suitable for use in high temperature applications; e.g., above 70.degree. C. The evaporation inhibitor liquid comprises a mixture of an alkane, a non-volatile oil, preferably a vegetable oil and a surfactant. The alkane is presen ...

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Fat mixture for infant and adult nutrition, basically comprising a mixture of phospholipids from the cerebrum of domestic animals, at least one vegetable oil, and/or at least an animal fat, and/or at least a fish oil, and/or medium chain triglycerides, in which the ratios between oleic/linoleic/alph ...

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A resilient, low density, biodegradable, packaging material which is formed by the extrusion through a twin-screw extruder of a base mixture of vegetable oil, polyvinyl alcohol, glycerine, a proteinaceous grain meal, glycerol monostearate, a non-modified starch and water.

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A process is disclosed for enzymatically degumming vegetable oil where the vegetable oil to be degummed is adjusted to a pH from 3 to 6 and is mixed with an aqueous enzyme solution, which contains one of the enzymes phospholipase A1, A2 or B. In a degumming reactor the enzymes are permitted to act o ...

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The invention relates to hydrous liquid paste or cream-like hand cleansing agents without organic solvents, especially a course hand cleanser with a rubbing agent. Said cleansing agents are characterized by a content of 10 to 30 wt. % of at least one vegetable oil from the group of triglycerides, sa ...

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The present invention provides a method for producing a fatty acid ester inexpensively and efficiently by reacting a lipase or an intact mircroorganism containing a lipase, an oil and fat, and a linear lower alcohol in a system containing little or no solvent in the presence of water. The intact mic ...

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A triacylglycerol-based wax, which can be used in candle making, is provided. The triacylglycerol-based material is predominantly includes a triacylglycerol stock which has a fatty acid profile has no more than about 25 wt. % fatty acids having less than 18 carbon atoms. In addition, the fatty acid ...