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Candles formed from triacylglycerol-based wax are provided. The wax generally has a melting point of about 130 to 145° F. (circa 54 to 63° C.). The wax includes a triacylglycerol component and a polyol partial ester component. Examples of suitable polyol partial esters include fatty acid monoesters ...

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A novel soybean seed and plant designated AX7777-7-30 having ATCC Accession No. 97616 and its descendents are provided. Such soybean seed contains an endogenous linolenic acid (C18:3) content in the vegetable oil at a low level of less than about 3 percent by weight (preferably less than about 2.5 p ...

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Methods and compositions are provided which increase the permeability of skin to transdermally administered pharmacologically active agents. The compositions are formulated with one or more vegetable oils as skin permeation enhancers; a preferred composition contains both coconut oil and soybean oil ...

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Elastomers are formed from castor oil and/or ricinoleic acid estolides and a polyester formed from an epoxidized vegetable oil such as ESO and a polycarboxylic acid such as sebacic acid, optionally in the presence of a peroxide initiator, or include crosslinked reaction products derived from ricinol ...

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A hydrophone for the detection of sound or vibrational waves, comprising a piezo electric transducer within a Faraday cage such that it is in contact with and yet isolated from a deformable pressure transmitting medium that carries vibrations. The Faraday cage reduces noise interference. The deforma ...

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A process is disclosed for enzymatically degumming vegetable oil where the vegetable oil to be degummed is adjusted to a pH from 3 to 6 and is mixed with an aqueous enzyme solution, which contains one of the enzymes phospholipase A1, A2 or B. In a degumming reactor the enzymes are permitted to act o ...

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Polymeric materials and products, including sheet flooring materials prepared from the polymeric materials, and processes for preparing the polymeric materials, are disclosed. The polymeric materials include a polylactic acid-based polymer in combination with plasticizer and a compatibilizer, and op ...

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Fat mixture for infant and adult nutrition, basically comprising a mixture of phospholipids from the cerebrum of domestic animals, at least one vegetable oil, and/or at least an animal fat, and/or at least a fish oil, and/or medium chain triglycerides, in which the ratios between oleic/linoleic/alph ...

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A resilient, low density, biodegradable, packaging material which is formed by the extrusion through a twin-screw extruder of a base mixture of vegetable oil, polyvinyl alcohol, glycerine, a proteinaceous grain meal, glycerol monostearate, a non-modified starch and water.

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A triacylglycerol-based wax, which can be used in candle making, is provided. The triacylglycerol-based material is predominantly includes a triacylglycerol stock which has a fatty acid profile has no more than about 25 wt. % fatty acids having less than 18 carbon atoms. In addition, the fatty acid ...