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The systemic absorption after intranasal administration of certain drugs, in particular pharmacologically active polypeptides is enhanced in the presence of a phospholipid, such as a phosphatidylcholine (a lecithin), preferably admixed with a vegetable oil.

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Certain vegetable oil lipid adducts, either alone or in combination with disproportionated vegetable oils, are disclosed which provide persistent softening effects upon incorporation in skin and hair care preparations. The emollients of the invention include both the water-soluble and water-insolubl ...

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The present invention relates to a composition in pharmaceutical dosage form of coenzyme Q or ubiquinol which can be administered to children in an oral dosage form as a pleasant-tasting liquid. The dosage form comprises an effective amount of coenzyme Q or ubiquinol ranging from about 0.05% to abou ...

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Candles formed from triacylglycerol-based wax are provided. The wax generally has a melting point of about 130 to 145° F. (circa 54 to 63° C.). The wax includes a triacylglycerol component and a polyol partial ester component. Examples of suitable polyol partial esters include fatty acid monoesters ...

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A pharmaceutical preparation for application of an effective amount of one or more biologically active substance(s) to a mucosal membrane of a mammal comprising an n-glycofurol represented by the formula I: ##STR1## wherein n is 1 to 4 in an amount from: 0.1-30% preferably 0.1-20% most preferably 1- ...

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The present invention is an encapsulated substrate, and in particular, a substrate encapsulated with a low melt vegetable oil. The use of a low melt vegetable oil has several advantages over conventional vegetable oil products, especially when used in food systems. In one embodiment, the low melt ve ...

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A combustion apparatus that comprises a floatable combustion device which rests atop the surface of a mass of fuel such as solid paraffin or a quantity of liquid fuel such as liquid paraffin or vegetable oil contained within a fuel vessel. The combustion device has a substantially conical top member ...

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Methods are disclosed in which a micelle is stabilized against degradation upon dilution. The micelle comprises molecules of a block polymer having a hydrophobic block and a hydrophilic block. The hydrophobic block forms a core of the micelle with corona from the hydrophilic block. The methods for s ...

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The present invention provides a liquid evaporation inhibitor which is suitable for use in high temperature applications; e.g., above 70.degree. C. The evaporation inhibitor liquid comprises a mixture of an alkane, a non-volatile oil, preferably a vegetable oil and a surfactant. The alkane is presen ...

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Disclosed herein are all vegetable oil fat compositions having a randomized palmitic acid oil as the sole palmitic acid oil. The novel all vegetable oil fat compositions are particularly for use in human infant nutritional products and combine a lauric acid oil, an oleic acid oil and a linoleic acid ...