Terry L Marker: Production of olefins from biorenewable feedstocks. UOP, Frank S Molinaro, October 30, 2007: US07288685 (51 worldwide citation)

A process for producing olefins from biorenewable feedstocks has been developed. The process comprises first pretreating the feedstock, e.g. vegetable oil, to remove contaminants such as alkali metals and then cracking the purified feedstock in a fluidized catalytic cracking (FCC) zone operated at c ...

James W Lambert, Duane L Johnson: Vegetable oil lubricants for internal combustion engines and total loss lubrication. Agro Management Group, Patent Law Offices of Rick Martin P C, March 30, 1999: US05888947 (50 worldwide citation)

The vegetable oil based lubricant of the present invention is derived primarily from plants, a renewable resource. It is readily biodegradable via .alpha.- and .beta.-oxidation utilizing microbes naturally present in the environment and is non-toxic to flora and fauna. The vegetable based lubricant ...

Raymond S C Wong, Wallace D Beversdorf, James R Castagno, Ian Grant, Jayantilal D Patel: Vegetable oil extracted from rapeseeds having a genetically controlled unusually high oleic acid content. Pioneer Hi Bred International, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis L, November 24, 1998: US05840946 (50 worldwide citation)

Improved rape plants, seeds capable of forming the same, and a novel improved vegetable oil derived from the rapeseeds are provided. Such plants have the ability to yield a vegetable oil of increased heat stability in combination with other desirable traits. The increased stability of the vegetable ...

Fridolin Loeffler, Hermann Plainer, Bruno Sproessler, Hans Ottofrickenstein: Vegetable oil enzymatic degumming process by means of aspergillus phospholipase. Roehm, Metallgesellschaft, Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt P C, December 14, 1999: US06001640 (50 worldwide citation)

A degumming step in the production of edible oils is disclosed. Vegetable oils from which hydratable phosphatides have preferably been eliminated by a previous aqueous degumming process, are freed from non-hydratable phosphatides by an enzymatic treatment, so that they may be physically refined. The ...

Hans R Strop, Richard R Perry: Vegetable oil extraction process. Fay Sharpe Beall Fagan Minnich & McKee, January 11, 1994: US05278325 (50 worldwide citation)

A vegetable oil process and assembly is disclosed for extracting oil from an oil bearing material such as soybean, corn and the like. The process comprises adding at least one reagent to the oil bearing material to form a slurry mixture. The slurry is heated at a preselected temperature for a presel ...

Philip E Hansen, Anders R Sorensen: Nasal formulation and intranasal administration therewith. Novo Nordisk, Fidelman & Wolffe, January 12, 1993: US05179079 (49 worldwide citation)

The systemic absorption after intranasal administration of certain drugs, in particular pharmacologically active polypeptides is enhanced in the presence of a phospholipid, such as a phosphatidylcholine (a lecithin), preferably admixed with a vegetable oil.

Carlton G Force, Fredricke S Starr: Vegetable oil adducts as emollients in skin and hair care products. Westvaco Corporation, Terry B McDaniel, Richard L Schmalz, April 26, 1988: US04740367 (49 worldwide citation)

Certain vegetable oil lipid adducts, either alone or in combination with disproportionated vegetable oils, are disclosed which provide persistent softening effects upon incorporation in skin and hair care preparations. The emollients of the invention include both the water-soluble and water-insolubl ...

Thomas M Kurth: Plastic material. Urethane Soy Systems Co, Price Heneveld Cooper Dewitt & Litton, October 15, 2002: US06465569 (49 worldwide citation)

An improved material comprising the reaction product of an A-side having an isocyanate and a B-side having a cross-linker comprising a multifunctional alcohol, a vegetable oil, preferably a blown/oxidized vegetable oil, most preferably a blown/oxidized soybean oil, and a catalyst and the method of p ...

Hiroitsu Kawata, Masayoshi Aruga, Tadayoshi Ohmura, Takashi Sonobe, Satoru Yoneya, Chiharu Sone: Sustained release pharmaceutical composition of solid medical material. Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical, Burgess Ryan & Wayne, June 16, 1987: US04673564 (49 worldwide citation)

Sustained release pharmaceutical compositions of a solid medical material which contains an amorphous solid medical material, polyethylene oxide, and at least one basic substance selected from the group consisting of hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl cellulose, methyl cellulose, polyvinyl ...

Gary W Wiggins: Biodegradable vegetable oil grease. The Lubrizol Corporation, James L Cordek, Frederick D Hunter, Joseph P Fischer, January 21, 1997: US05595965 (48 worldwide citation)

An environmentally friendly lubricating grease composition as well as several processes for preparing the grease composition is desecribed which comprises

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