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The present invention relates to plant or vegetable oil-based drilling fluid compositions which are non-polluting and non-toxic, and which provide improved lubricating properties and stability for use under widely-varying load and pressure drilling conditions. The compositions are primarily based on ...

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A device capable of burning household vegetable oil and producing a candle-like flame is disclosed. It includes a heat-resistant upright glass tube within which a fibrous wick is positioned, extending a short distance out the top. For supporting the tube and wick in a generally flat-bottomed contain ...

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The present invention relates to a composition in liquid dosage form of coenzyme Q or ubiquinone which can be formulated into cosmetic, dietary supplement or pharmaceutical dosage form for administration to patients. The dosage form comprises an effective amount of coenzyme Q or ubiquinone ranging f ...

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A vegetable oil process and assembly is disclosed for extracting oil from an oil bearing material such as soybean, corn and the like. The process comprises adding at least one reagent to the oil bearing material to form a slurry mixture. The slurry is heated at a preselected temperature for a presel ...

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An environmentally friendly lubricating grease composition as well as several processes for preparing the grease composition is desecribed which comprises

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A light puffed or expanded food product which has a core filled with an edible pastelike or creamy material. The apparatus for making this product includes an extruder capable of developing high pressures and elevated temperatures in a mass of edible material such as corn meal to which water and veg ...

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An electro-optic display comprises a layer of solid electro-optic material; a backplane comprising at least one electrode; and an adhesive layer disposed between the layer of electro-optic material and the backplane and adhesively securing the layer of electro-optic material to the backplane, the ad ...

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A degumming step in the production of edible oils is disclosed. Vegetable oils from which hydratable phosphatides have preferably been eliminated by a previous aqueous degumming process, are freed from non-hydratable phosphatides by an enzymatic treatment, so that they may be physically refined. The ...

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The systemic absorption after intranasal administration of certain drugs, in particular pharmacologically active polypeptides is enhanced in the presence of a phospholipid, such as a phosphatidylcholine (a lecithin), preferably admixed with a vegetable oil.

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