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A universal remote control device which is programmed to operate a variety of consumer products is disclosed. The device is connected over a bidirectional link to either a cable converter or a telephone interface for receiving programming information. A touch screen display is employed on the progra ...

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The universal remote control system comprises data processor, input device including a keyboard and a keyboard circuit connected to the data processor, signal output device including circuitry for generating infrared light codes connected to the data processor means, a memory including a battery bac ...

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The universal remote control system includes input means, signal output means for supplying a signal to a controlled device and a central processing unit coupled to the input means and the signal output means, no ROM, and a single non-volatile, read-write RAM coupled to said central processing unit.

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A wireless remote controlled, adjustable and programmable freestanding mount and shutter release assembly for various styles of cameras. An enclosure body with adjustable legs houses a microcomputer which directs an electrically controlled piston which delivers its shutter releasing energy through a ...

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