Harold R Helms: Manually propelled lawn and garden cart. Wm T Metz, September 21, 1982: US04350366 (50 worldwide citation)

A manually propelled lawn and garden cart comprised of a bottom storage box and an open frame securely fastened to the top of the bottom storage box, means to support lawn and garden tools in the open frame and the bottom storage box, preferably by tubes fastened between holes in a cross piece at th ...

John H Preston: Trash bag bracket. Cort Flint, April 5, 1988: US04735340 (38 worldwide citation)

This invention relates to a bracket for retaining and supporting limp plastic bags as liners in a trash receptacle. The bracket includes leg means for clamping onto the upper rim of the trash receptacle and includes two or more projections, upwardly extending, to engage openings within said limp fle ...