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Disclosed herein is a transdermal system in a matrix form capable of enhancing granisetron carrying efficiency and improving transdermal absorption while inhibiting recrystallization, which comprises: at least one transdermal enhancer selected from a group consisting of polyglyceryl-3 oleate, polyet ...

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Methods and related systems for modulating neural activity by cyclically modulating neural activity in peripheral neural structures are disclosed. Neural activity may be modulated cyclically by stimuli delivered via various types of stimulus sources. In an aspect, activity of a sensory nerve is modu ...



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A transdermal therapeutic system is provided which is adapted for delivery of a biologically active agent over an extended time period said system comprising a matrix containing an agent disposed therein, the intended body distal surface of said matric having fibrous reinforcing means embedded there ...

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Disclosed is a method of promoting wound healing or wound closure. The method comprises administration of a miR-198 inhibitor and/or a follistatin-like-1 (FSTL1) polypeptide. Also disclosed are method of treating chronic cutaneous wounds, method of identifying a non-healing wound, use and a pharmace ...

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A transdermal system for the release of muscarinic receptor antagonists comprises the active compound, tea tree oil and a water-miscible solvent. A transdermal system for the release of muscarinic receptor antagonists comprises the active compound, tea tree oil and a water-miscible solvent.


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PCT No. PCT/US94/07267 Sec. 371 Date Dec. 14, 1995 Sec. 102(e) Date Dec. 14, 1995 PCT Filed Jun. 24, 1994 PCT Pub. No. WO95/01167 PCT Pub. Date Jan. 12, 1995The present invention comprises a composition comprising a matrix adapted to be placed in drug-and permeation-enhancing mixture-transmitting re ...

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The invention relates to a transdermal system containing an active ingredient and used for the administration of candesartan or its pharmaceutically compatible esters and salts.