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The present invention refers to a transdermal delivery device comprising a backing layer, an adhesive matrix layer comprising a supersaturated concentration of an active agent substantially in amorphous form within the adhesive matrix, and a release liner. The present invention also refers to a meth ...


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A transdermal composition is disclosed which contains a blend of one or more polymers, one or more drugs, at least one of which has a low molecular weight and is liquid at or about room temperatures. The composition is substantially free of water and liquids which have a normal boiling point (a) opt ...

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Use of a nanodispersion comprising a membrane forming molecule, a co-emulsifier and a lipophilic component in pharmaceutical products. Use of a nanodispersion comprising a membrane forming molecule, a co-emulsifier and a lipophilic component in pharmaceutical products where the nanodispersion is pre ...

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The invention relates to a transdermal system with stepwise medicament release and its use in local or systemic dermal administration of medicaments in human or veterinary medicine or cosmetics.

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Compositions and methods for the continuous and controlled transdermal delivery of an active agent from a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier composition comprising a polyoxazoline polymer, wherein the active drug incorporated in the carrier composition of the transdermal system remains substantiall ...

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A controlled release transdermal system for the delivery of at least one therapeutic agent comprises: a reservoir comprising (a) the therapeutic agent (eg. weak acid or base) in ionized form (b) a pH adjusting agent which upon uptake of water is converted to a buffer solution and (c) a cyclized poly ...

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(EN) Described is a transdermal system (1) for administering a substance through the skin (7), the system including a reservoir (3) containing the substance to be administered as an agonist (4) as well as an associated antagonist (5). The system also includes at least one electrode (2) which is pola ...

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This present invention provides a percutaneous absorption type pharmaceutical preparation which comprises 4-(2-methyl-1-imidazolyl)-2,2-diphenylbutylamide as the active ingredient and a backbone for transdermal system, and satisfies at least one of the following conditions (1) and (2). The pharmaceu ...

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A transdermal system for the delivery of an anesthetic or other active therapeutic agent directly to a selected site of injured skin tissue by iontophoresis is disclosed, which utilizes a transdermal skin-worn patch including a donor electrode chamber containing a donor electrode and an amount of an ...