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A surgical tool container system for the organization, sterilization, storage and presentation of a group of surgical instruments for selection and retrieval by a medical practitioner during a surgical procedure. The container system includes an outer case having separable base and lid portions with ...



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This invention relates to a tool container and in particular to one including a main body portion provided with two horizontal grooves at both opposite inner sides and a rack at both upper edges, a partition board inserted into an upper one of the two horizontal grooves, a drawer inserted into a low ...

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A tool container has a pair of housing members pivotally coupled with one another to provide an opened and closed position. At least one of the members defines a cavity to receive tools. The cavity is defined by a base and a wall extending from the base. A tool retaining insert is permanently secure ...

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A portable tool container comprises a molded tub and removable cover with wheels attached to one side of the container on opposite sides of a telescoping handle in a housing that is integrally molded into the container.

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A portable tool container including a cylindrically shaped base with a flat bottom and sides defining an upwardly opening main compartment. A plurality of trays are affixed to the sides of the base in stacked relationship for pivotal movement between a closed position overlying the main compartment ...

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A lock system for a tool container provides the convenience of remote control without compromising the simplicity of the manual key operation. The lock system has an electronically controlled actuating mechanism coupled to the locking mechanism for locking and unlocking the tool container. The coupl ...

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A tool container includes first and second container members rotatably connected to create an inner compartment. Each member has a compartment outer wall and integrally formed perimeter walls. A grid system is created on an inner compartment facing surface adjacent at least one of the compartment ou ...

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A utility tool cart that is especially designed for carrying tools and equipment around work environments such as construction sites. The utility tool cart is a hand cart that is particularly adapted to carry equipment over long distances and/or difficult terrain. The utility tool cart contains a pa ...