Chang Chen: Tool box assembly. Tung I Enterprise, Baker & Botts, July 4, 1995: US05429235 (66 worldwide citation)

A tool box assembly includes a main case having two main casing halves, each of which has top, bottom and two opposite side ends. The main casing halves are hinged together at the bottom ends. Each of the main casing halves has a wall panel which extends between the top, bottom and side ends and whi ...

John C Sturgis: Tool box assembly. Brooks & Kushman, March 21, 1995: US05398987 (35 worldwide citation)

A tool box assembly for use in a bed of a pick-up truck comprising, a storage container having a bottom, a top, a door attached to the bottom, the door pivotable from a vertical closed position to a horizontal open position and a mechanism for affixing the storage container to the pickup truck bed, ...

Kuen Jen Chen: Tool box assembly. Charles E Baxley Esq, September 5, 2000: US06113203 (29 worldwide citation)

A tool box includes a rear panel and two side panels pivotally coupled together. A door frame is secured to the front portions of the side panels and a door panel pivotally coupled to the door frame. An upper panel and a lower panel have a number of peripheral projections engaged into and secured to ...

Dwayne K West: Tool box assembly. June 26, 1990: US04936624 (27 worldwide citation)

A tool box assembly for installation in pickup trucks is provided. A pair of tool boxes are pivotally mounted in an enclosed frame for movement between an access position and a secured position. The movement of the tool boxes is driven by a hydraulic system. In the access position, the tool boxes ar ...

Chiu Ho Hung: Tool box assembly with a swivel tool rack. William E Pelton Esq, June 29, 1999: US05915554 (22 worldwide citation)

A tool box assembly includes a case, a hollow cover pivotally mounted on the case, a rectangular frame extending inward from an inner periphery of the hollow cover and having two opposite longer sides each transversely containing an elongated guiding groove, and a rectangular swivel tool rack pivota ...

Jui Chien Kao: Tool box assembly. Bacon & Thomas, September 29, 1998: US05813531 (11 worldwide citation)

A tool box assembly includes a tool box including two side walls each having a first end portion defining a slot. An inverted U-shaped lid includes two side plates each having a first end portion defining an inverted L-shaped channel and a second end portion pivotally mounted on a second end portion ...

Ronald S Kohagura: Toolbox assembly. Benman & Collins, March 9, 1999: US05878882 (9 worldwide citation)

A tool box assembly having a first surface with a first aperture therethrough for retaining a tool (such as a drill bit) having a longitudinal axis. A second surface is provided having a second aperture therethrough for retaining the tool. The first surface is retained relative to the second surface ...

Steve Huang: Detachable tool box assembly. Stanley Chiro International, David N Lathrop Esq, Gallagher & Lathrop, January 13, 2004: US06675967 (8 worldwide citation)

A tool box assembly includes first and second shell members. The first shell member includes a first shell body, a foldable joining member, and a grip member which includes proximate and distal jaw portions. The second shell member includes a second shell body and a gripped member. The gripped membe ...

S Mill Calvert: Slide-out truck tool box. Slide Out Associates Trustee for Slide Out CRT Trust, Louis Ventre Jr, October 14, 2014: US08857684 (5 worldwide citation)

A tool box assembly for a truck is formed of nested boxes that telescope out to add additional storage space. There is an outer box and one or more inner boxes slidably engaged so that the inner boxes telescope out of the outer box, which is normally fixed to the truck's cargo bed across the width o ...

Zion Ben Gigi: Tool box assembly. TEFENPLAST, Dekel Patent, David Klein, November 24, 2015: US09193060 (5 worldwide citation)

A tool box organizer is arranged to removably sit on top of a bottom tool box. The tool box organizer has a handle with a catch. The handle pivots so the catch locks on the bottom tool box.