F Murphy Sprinkel, Amitabh Das, Grier S Fleischhauer, Everett C Grollimund, Willie G Houck Jr, Peter J Lipowicz, Ulysses Smith, James M Washington, Susan E Wrenn: Electrical lighter with a rotatable tobacco supply. Philip Morris Incorporated, James T Moore, James E Schardt, Charles E B Glenn, July 22, 1997: US05649554 (152 worldwide citation)

A lighter is provided having a tobacco flavor heating system which includes a rotatable tobacco containing disc or spiral. This disc or spiral is registered in thermal proximity to a heating element and heated to generate tobacco flavors in response to a sensor. The disc and spiral are sized to prov ...

Frank T Etscorn: Transcutaneous application of nicotine. Browdy & Neimark, July 1, 1986: US04597961 (133 worldwide citation)

Percutaneous administration of nicotine in a dose approximating the dose delivered by a variety of nicotine-containing products, such as cigarettes, cigars, snuff and chewing tobacco, is carried out using an occlusive pad. The nicotine is delivered so as to mimic the pharmacological effects of nicot ...

Kris Bart De Roos, Markus Wetli: Process for preparing beads as food or tobacco additive. Givaudan Roure, Wood Herron & Evans, December 4, 2001: US06325859 (82 worldwide citation)

A method for preparing beads containing at least one active ingredient, such as a flavor, fragrance, vitamin, and/or coloring material, to food or tobacco products, where the active ingredient is released at a controlled rate. Discrete droplets of the active ingredient and an acid polysaccharide are ...

Winterson Warren D, Cochran Timothy D, Holland Tommy C, Torrence Karen M, Rinehart Steve, G Robert Scott: Tobacco pouch product. Philip Morris Products, MARLOW Nicholas Simon, November 16, 2006: WO/2006/120570 (59 worldwide citation)

A pouched tobacco product (100) includes a lined pouch material of a web (130) and a water-soluble liner (120) adjacent the web and a tobacco component (110) contained within the lined pouch material . The water- soluble liner is interposed between the web and the tobacco component. The liner prefer ...

Alec S W Shaw: Tobacco product. Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, February 21, 1989: US04806356 (52 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed a nicotine containing lozenge prepared from a mixture of inert filler material, a binder and either pure nicotine or a nicotine containing substance by a technique not involving any application of heat. Cold compression in a conventional tablet making machine is preferred.

Robert S Sprinkle III, Eugene Glock: Chewing tobacco product. American Brands, Pennie & Edmonds, March 3, 1992: US05092352 (50 worldwide citation)

A chewing tobacco product that does not disintegrate during mastication characterized by a uniform flavor and a smooth chew that consists of a blend of 10 to 70% of particulate tobacco in a chewing gum base present in the amount of 20 to 75% of the product, together with a glycerine humectant in the ...

Arnarp Jan, Hodin Fredrik, Lundin Jörgen: Oral snuff product and method for producing the same. Swedish Match North Europe, Arnarp Jan, Hodin Fredrik, Lundin Jörgen, ZACCO SWEDEN, November 11, 2004: WO/2004/095959 (46 worldwide citation)

An oral snuff product (10). To further improve the packaging of smokeless tobacco doses so that the tobacco product at each single instance can be made more easily accessible to the user in a wider range of desired amounts, the product comprises a plurality of product unit doses (18) in the shape of ...

Andrew J Sensabaugh Jr, Dewitt C Crepps, William Y Rice Jr, George W Fearrington Jr: Tobacco product. R J Reynolds Tobacco Co, Herbert J Bluhm, October 8, 1985: US04545392 (44 worldwide citation)

A smokeless tobacco product is disclosed which contains cut or otherwise comminuted tobacco treated with a particulated gum composition that adheres as a discontinuous coating to the surface of the tobacco. The gum composition provides improved "gathering" characteristics and other benefits when the ...

Kazuo Maeda, Katuichi Noguchi, Masuo Kawabata, Shigehiko Sato, Yukio Sato: Tobacco product containing a thermo-gelable .beta.-1,3-glucan-type polysaccharide. Takeda Chemical, Wenderoth Lind & Ponack, August 29, 1978: US04109663 (44 worldwide citation)

A smoking tobacco product, which is produced by incorporating in smoking material a thermo-gelable .beta.-1,3-glucan-type polysaccharide, either as the sole smoking material or as its partial replacement, has improved smoking characteristics such as flavor, taste and irritability, and its smoking ma ...

Joe N Herron: Tobacco product containing side stream smoke flavorant. P H Glatfelter Company, Kerkam Stowell Kondracki & Clarke, February 14, 1989: US04804002 (43 worldwide citation)

A tobacco product wrapper containing a glycoside comprising an acetyl of a carbohydrate and an aromatic agent or a derivative thereof. The glycoside flavors or masks the side stream smoke while substantially not altering the taste or flavor characteristics of the tobacco or mainstream smoke.

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