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A method for skin treatment comprises the steps of delivering at least one pulse of radio frequency power to at least one electrode in order to create an electric field; passing gas through the electric field in order to form plasma from the gas; and applying the plasma to the surface of skin. The a ...

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A method of treatment of tissue with focussed ultrasound comprises placing adjacent the tissue to be treated a reflector of ultrasound or an ultrasound energy conversion device which converts received ultrasound energy to heat, stores the heat and then releases the heat over time into the tissue to ...

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A medical probe assembly, system, and methods for the use thereof to treat tissue are described. The system optionally comprises an energy source, two internally-cooled probe assemblies, and one or more cooling devices to provide cooling to at least one of the probe assemblies. The probe assemblies ...


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Non-invasive apparatus and methods are disclosed for treatment of soft-tissues of a human or animal body, and, more particularly, non-invasive treatment apparatus and methods for destruction of adipose tissues of a patient using focused delivery of ultrasonic energy in a group focal zone.

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A radiation delivery module (8) includes a body (48) supportable on a patient's skin and defines a skin surface plane generally aligned with the patient's skin surface (40). A radiation source (22) is mounted to the body and produces a beam (34) of tissue-damaging radiation directed transverse to an ...

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A method of treatment of a scar comprising applying a topical silicone gel to the scar, and wiping off the excess to leave a thin layer of the gel on the scar. Applications of the topical silicone gel can be alternated with applications of silicone gel sheeting to the scar. The method may further in ...

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