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There is provided a method of tire manufacturing a tire in which preset-beads each preformed by mounting a bead filler on a bead core are disposed radially outward of a carcass band and both side portions of the carcass band are turned around the preset beads to build the tire. The method eliminates ...

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A system and apparatus therefor which stores and processes flexible strip materials and particularly tire manufacturing components such as the tread portion. A portable storage unit has a pair of hollow, cylindrical-shaped spools loosely supported on a pair of cradles within a frame. A pair of annul ...

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A tire manufacturing method includes a method for optimizing the uniformity of a tire by reducing the after cure radial force variation. The after cure radial force variation vector is modeled as a vector sum of each presenting contributions arising from the tire building steps—the “tire room effect ...

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A method is disclosed for automatically disassembling and reassembling a mold for making a tire. Apparatus for automatically performing the entire tire-manufacturing operation is also disclosed.

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A module for manufacturing a cured tire from a plurality of tire components is disclosed. The module has a plurality of component appliers located at spaced locations along a predetermined path, and a mobile tire building trolley for movement along the predetermined path and two detachable tire buil ...

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A tire manufacturing unit having two tire building drums mounted on respective coaxial and independent half shafts butt connected in a rotary manner so as to define a single continuous shaft supported in a rotary manner on a platform mounted for rotation in successive 180.degree. steps about a horiz ...