Henry P Voznick: Thermocouple surface probe. Wahl Instruments, Gausewitz Carr Rothenberg & Edwards, June 12, 1984: US04454370 (44 worldwide citation)

A pair of resilient side-by-side elongated coils of different thermocouple material are mounted in a ceramic housing and project forwardly with their forward ends connected to form a thermocouple junction that is adapted to be pressed against a surface of which temperature is to be measured. A retra ...

Patrick A Remmert: Thermocouple surface probe. Thermo Electric Co, December 30, 1980: US04242148 (10 worldwide citation)

A thermocouple grill probe has a hollow fluorocarbon body that is solder filled for increased weight necessary to flatten a double bowed leaf spring mounted in a recess formed under the body by a depending peripheral skirt. A thermocouple junction is mounted to the leaf spring and is connected to a ...

Alfred E Wells Jr, James H Casillo: Fast response thermocouple surface probe. Thermo Electric Co, Arthur L Plevy, March 20, 1984: US04438290 (5 worldwide citation)

A fast response thermocouple probe is formed from two strips of different resilient thermocouple metals. The strips each have a bowed portion with the bowed portions overlapping and crossing each other at a spot welded junction point. The ends of each strip are connected together and engage a body m ...

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