Kamiyama Satoshi: Process of forming capacitive insulating film.. Nippon Electric Co, March 11, 1992: EP0474140-A1 (24 worldwide citation)

A process of forming a capacitive insulating film comprises the steps of forming a tantalum oxide film through thermochemical reaction involving organic tantalum charge gas and oxygen gas, and subsequently forming a tantalum oxide film through plasma chemical reaction involving tantalum halogenide c ...

Roger A Boggs, Jurgen M Grasshoff, Mark R Mischke, Anthony J Puttick, Stephen J Telfer, David P Waller, Kenneth C Waterman: Process for thermochemical generation of acid and for thermal imaging, and imaging medium for use therein. Polaroid Corporation, David J Cole, March 28, 1995: US05401619 (23 worldwide citation)

Certain squaric acid derivatives are useful for the thermochemical generation of acid. The squaric acid derivatives may be used in imaging media in conjunction with acid-sensitive materials which undergo a color change when contacted by the acid generated from the squaric acid derivatives. Preferabl ...

Bares Jean: Rotary hearth furnace for thermic, thermochemical or electrothermic treatment of metals in a diluted atmosphere.. Traitement Sous Vide, November 2, 1983: EP0093060-A1 (23 worldwide citation)

1. A rotary hearth furnace for thermic, thermochemical or electrothermic treatment of metal parts in a diluted atmosphere characterized in that it comprises : - a sealed metal enclosure (1), which may include a double wall, with an interposed cooling layer, this enclosure (1) comprising a side wall ...

Bjørn Skinnes, Gennady Barchan: Method for the utilization of energy from cyclic thermochemical processes to produce mechanical energy and plant for this purpose. Geba, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, March 4, 2008: US07337612 (22 worldwide citation)

There is described a method for operation of a traditional engine or turbine, where instead of a combustion reactor there are utilized cyclic thermochemical processes that drive the engine or turbine without the formation of waste gases that are harmful to the environment.

Melville E D Hillman, William J Huffman, Edward S Lipinsky, Edgel Stambaugh: Gasohol production from thermochemical conversion of biomass to ethanol. Battelle Development Corporation, Benjamin Mieliulis, Jerry K Mueller Jr, June 18, 1985: US04523928 (22 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method for thermochemically converting a carbohydrate material into ethanol wherein the carbohydrate material and a metal salt are reacted at elevated temperature to form an intermediate carbohydrate complex salt and/or a lactate metal salt which then is pyrolyzed in the presence of w ...

Roy Edward McAlister: Reactors for conducting thermochemical processes with solar heat input, and associated systems and methods. McAlister Technologies, Perkins Coie, May 29, 2012: US08187550 (21 worldwide citation)

Reactors for conducting thermochemical processes with solar heat input, and associated systems and methods. A system in accordance with a particular embodiment include a reactor having a reaction zone, a reactant source coupled in fluid in communication with the reactant zone, and a solar concentrat ...

Andrew R Jones: Conversion of coal into hydrocarbons. Westinghouse Electric, Edward L Levine, Z L Dermer, June 19, 1979: US04158637 (21 worldwide citation)

Hydrocarbons are formed of coal and water. The water is converted or dissociated separately into hydrogen and oxygen in a first chemical reactor by thermochemical and/or electrolytic processing. The resulting hydrogen is then reacted with the coal in a second reactor to produce the hydrocarbons. Res ...

Edward T Schneider, Kenneth A Javor: Proportionally controlled thermochemical mechanical actuator. TCAM Technologies, Fay Sharpe Beall Fagan Minnich & McKee, November 11, 1997: US05685149 (20 worldwide citation)

An operator selects an operating characteristic, such as a degree of extension or force of an extension member (66) of a thermal actuator (16), with an input circuit (10). The input control circuit generates a reference signal. A feedback circuit (18) monitors a characteristic of the thermal actuato ...

Philippe M Galmiche, Andre R Hivert, Andre M Walder: Process for forming surface diffusion alloy layers on refractory metallic articles. Office National d Etudes et de Recherches Aerospatiales, Larson Taylor and Hinds, June 20, 1978: US04096296 (20 worldwide citation)

A metal article having perforations therein whose transverse cross-sectional dimension is less than 0.4 mm has formed thereon a surface diffusion alloy by applying a refractory filter element to the workpiece surface prior to the diffusion treatment, the filter element being a refractory felt based ...

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