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An apparatus for transferring beads employed in a radioimmunoassay is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a receptacle tray 30, test tube rack 48 and plurality of test tubes 42. The receptacle tray 30 contains an array of wells 32, which may be marked individually with indicia such as numerals and co ...

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A rack or holder for test tubes and the like comprising a base and at least one test tube support plate member spaced apart from the base substantially parallel thereto and provided with a plurality of regularly arrayed apertures for placement therethrough of the test tubes. The base is provided wit ...

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Disclosed herein is a modular test tube rack. The rack contains multiple sub-racks that can be coupled together to form the test tube rack. The sub-rack can be designed to fit into a variety of scientific instrumentation including a fixed rotor centrifuge. The assembled test tube rack can be of a fo ...

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A rack and retainer for use with an existing rack for holding test tubes and similar like articles. The rack or retainer is provided with a projecting member for firmly holding in position a test tube or similar like article placed therein.

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A modular test tube rack for assembly with similarly constructed racks comprise a flat rectangular body displaying, in a first position, a series of wells extending from its top wall to its bottom wall and adapt to receive tubes therein. A pair of handles vertically extend at opposite end walls of t ...

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An apparatus useful in expediting the performance of immunochemical determinations which require the complete separation of a solid phase or precipitate from a liquid phase is disclosed. In particular, this apparatus features a test tube rack and cooperating retaining means for spanning said rack an ...

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Apparatus and method for systematic organization of samples. Flexible gangs of sample holders are used permitting organization in either a linear or a curved arrangement and transfer from one to the other arrangement without changing the juxtaposition and organization of individual samples. Identity ...

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A test tube rack assembly including a test tube rack pivotally connected to a base having end support structure for allowing pivoting motion of the test tube rack with respect to a stationary base about a horizontal axis. A selectively actuable connector is affixed to at least one of the base end su ...

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A device for handling and washing beads. The device is attachable to a test tube rack and includes a frame, a containing slide, and a capture slide. By manipulating the slides in various combinations of positions the beads may be added to, removed from, or separately washed apart from test tubes in ...