Allan C Hoffman: Method of making tennis ball with a single core and cover bonding cure. Poms Smith Lande & Rose, August 1, 1989: US04853056 (41 worldwide citation)

A method of making tennis balls by a single core part and fabric piece bonding step is disclosed wherein an assembly of core parts, including a pair of hemispheric core halves, and fabric cover pieces, including a pair of figure eight fabric dumbbells, are assembled to one another to a subassembly o ...

Ben Huang: Water resistant handle grip. Fulwider Patton Lee & Utecht, June 12, 2001: US06244975 (41 worldwide citation)

A moisture resistant shock absorbing grip for the handle of a golf club, tennis racquet, racquetball racquet, baseball parts or other impact departing devices such as hammers, having a strip formed of a polyurethane layer bonded to a felt layer. The exterior of the strip is coated with a waterproof ...

Steven J Crandall: String construction produced by subjecting a fibrous strand composed of fibrous materials having differing melting points to heating conditions sufficient to melt some but not all of the fibrous materials. Ashaway Line & Twine Mfg Co, Salter & Michaelson, June 23, 1981: US04275117 (41 worldwide citation)

An integrated string primarily for use in connection with athletic rackets, such as tennis, badminton, squash and the like, but also usable for fishing line, musical strings, etc., said string in one embodiment comprising a thermoplastic core having a thermoplastic sheath covering same and integrate ...

Mohr Joseph J: Tennis ball pitching apparatus with anti-jamming ball feed mechanism. Brown and Martin, October 29, 1974: US3844267 (41 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for propelling tennis balls at timed intervals from a storage hopper. The hopper has the configuration of an inverted truncated cone. At the base of the cone and in a position to receive balls from the cone, is a rotating ball selector. The ball selector is driven through a clutch which di ...

Jakub Segen: Method and apparatus for tracking, storing, and synthesizing an animated version of object motion. Lucent Technologies, Gibbons Deldeo Dolan Griffinger & Vecchione, June 6, 2000: US06072504 (41 worldwide citation)

The specification relates to a method and apparatus for tracking object position during active segments of motion monitored from a plurality of video cameras, repetitively sampling object position, representing various object trajectories during active segments as equations, and synthesizing an anim ...

Jones Bill J: Tennis racket grip. Townsend and Townsend, February 25, 1975: US3868110 (40 worldwide citation)

A detachable grip for tennis racket handles having finger and hand indentations accommodating different positions of the hand for forehand and backhand strokes.

Richard Janes: Racquet handle. GenCorp, December 14, 1993: US05269516 (40 worldwide citation)

A handle pallet for a tennis racquet includes an elongated rigid underlayment member formed integrally with the racquet head in a one-step compression molding operation, to form a one-piece racquet head/handle pallet underlayment member article. The underlayment member generally is octagonal-shaped, ...

Donald Spector: Adhesive sports tape. Michael Ebert, January 28, 1986: US04567091 (39 worldwide citation)

An adhesive sports tape windable about the handle of a sports appliance such as a tennis racquet to create a sheath thereabout which acts not only to enhance the grip of the handle but also as pneumatic cushioning minimizing the transmission of shock forces from the handle to the hand of the player. ...

Gustaaf Van t Hof: Wrist band for tennis rackets and the like. Christie Parker & Hale, March 30, 1982: US04322077 (38 worldwide citation)

A wrist band is attached to the handle of a tennis racket for use in securing the tennis racket to the wrist of a player. The wrist band can be attached to the handle of an existing tennis racket without requiring removal of the grip. The wrist band includes a flexible strap having a pair of ends fi ...

Siegfried Kuebler, Frank Garrett: Racket for tennis or the like games. Wilson Sporting Goods Co, May 12, 1998: US05749798 (38 worldwide citation)

In a racket for tennis or the like games having a frame for receiving stringing and comprising a possibly hollow profile bar, and a handle end which is of polygonal cross-section and which is wound around with a grip strip and whose blank is provided at the corners of the cross-section with longitud ...

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