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A tennis racket frame of molded plastic includes head, shaft and handle portions with the cross sections thereof, together with the characteristics of the plastic material, providing maximum flex at the upper end of the head, secondary flexing at the throat area adjacent the head, lesser flexing at ...

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A moisture resistant shock absorbing grip for the handle of a golf club, tennis racquet, racquetball racquet, baseball parts or other impact departing devices such as hammers, having a strip formed of a polyurethane layer bonded to a felt layer. The exterior of the strip is coated with a waterproof ...

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A support to be worn on the arm near the elbow joint for reducing pain in the elbow joint associated with the condition of tennis elbow. The support includes a tubular sleeve of one-way stretch fabric. An inelastic strap is stitched to the sleeve and encircles the arm. The strap passes through a met ...

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A detachable grip for tennis racket handles having finger and hand indentations accommodating different positions of the hand for forehand and backhand strokes.

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An integrated string primarily for use in connection with athletic rackets, such as tennis, badminton, squash and the like, but also usable for fishing line, musical strings, etc., said string in one embodiment comprising a thermoplastic core having a thermoplastic sheath covering same and integrate ...

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The specification relates to a method and apparatus for tracking object position during active segments of motion monitored from a plurality of video cameras, repetitively sampling object position, representing various object trajectories during active segments as equations, and synthesizing an anim ...

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An athletic shoe (10) comprises an outsole (12) and an upper (14) secured thereto and cooperating therewith to enclose the foot of the wearer. Upper (14) is of a one-piece full slip-on construction and is designed to overlay the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the foot and thus completely enclose the ...

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A tennis ball device for use by tennis players and the like which mounts upon the back of a tennis player by means of an adjustable shoulder strap together with an adjustable waist belt and is provided with a dispenser end extending at substantially right angles from the bottom of the device. The de ...

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A handle pallet for a tennis racquet includes an elongated rigid underlayment member formed integrally with the racquet head in a one-step compression molding operation, to form a one-piece racquet head/handle pallet underlayment member article. The underlayment member generally is octagonal-shaped, ...

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A process for applying a flocking fiber to a cloth surface of a shoe includes the step of spraying a clean dry cloth shoe with an adhesive, which adheres to the cloth substrate without excess penetration, which remains pliable, and is not water soluble when set. A short set time is desirable, and th ...