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A temporary sign support stand that is mountable to a concrete barrier in a manner that affords high resistance to toppling from high winds or wind turbulence caused by vehicles passing close by. The support stand comprises an inverted U-shape saddle and a support on the saddle for supporting a post ...

Frank Lucchesi: Real estate sign pole. Owen Wickersham and Erickson, April 2, 1996: US05502910 (31 worldwide citation)

A temporary sign pole installation is disclosed which includes a hollow passage in a vertical pipe having a pointed bottom end. Vertical slots in the side of the hollow passage permit a handle to pass through the slots and into and/or through a pounder weight which can be moved up and down in the ho ...

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Temporary real estate signs are attached to a post and extending arm rather than suspended beneath the arm. The signs are attached to a supporting body having a U-shaped cross-section. The bodies are sized to fit around the arm and post respectively. Flexible members attached in one end to the body ...

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A post (10) for displaying a sign comprising an elongate support member (12) having a ground penetrating means (14) at one end and a first abutment member (25) adjacent to the ground penetrating means (14). A driving member (28) in the form of a weighted sleeve is mounted on the elongate support mem ...

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An improvement for temporary signs used with a supporting post and an arm which extends both directions from the post. A first and second body, shaped to fit around three sides of post and the arm respectively, have inwardly inclined opposed sides to grip the enclosed post or arm. An extension along ...

Leutenegger Nicolas W: Temporary sign brackets. February 1, 1972: US3638894 (13 worldwide citation)

A sign bracket for temporarily hanging a sign board on a substantially upright post. The bracket has upper and lower panels that pivot about vertically spaced hinges having horizontally aligned axes. The upper and lower panels have recesses opening to one side for receiving and gripping the post.

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A temporary sign comprises a tubular post (10) and a flexible sign panel (12) secured to rigid bars (18, 20) along two opposite edges. One bar (18) has a central portion exposed to engage in a channel (24) at the top of the post. A spring (26) resiliently and detachably connects the central portion ...

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This invention relates to an improved sign which may be quickly and easily detachably secured to an automobile body by being inserted into the space between the trunk lid or front hood and the fenders of the automobile. The flat rigid sign is between 1/8 and 3/8 inches in thickness and may be formed ...

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The support consists of a base (3), a folding frame (4),with a socket (20) for the sign (2), and a rectangular U-shaped strut (5) which is pivoted to the base and held in the deployed position by two lateral projections (8a) on the frame and a spring-loaded catch (10) engaging with a catch plate (11 ...

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A temporary sign holder utilizes a clamping member attachable to a rail to support a sign post in an operative location. The clamping member is formed with two hooked shaped members that are tightened around the base of the rail from opposing sides. One of the hooked members has a threaded rod exten ...