Kawamura Katsuaki: Telephone having a power saving function. Pioneer, March 21, 2001: EP1085731-A2 (8 worldwide citation)

A telephone having a power saving function in which characters or an image is displayed at high precision and a brightness of a display portion may be suppressed at the time of a telephone communication. A sensor for detecting an ambient brightness of the earpiece holes of the telephone is arranged ...

Kim Chang Ryeol, Kim Dong Seop, Seo Yun Min: Portable telephone having power saving function by using forced slip mode and method for power saving. Hynix Semiconductor, March 15, 2001: KR1019990035080

PURPOSE: A portable telephone having a power saving function by using a forced slip mode is provided to implement an alarm function that can be done in a telephone turned off in prior art, when a communication between the telephone and a base station is cut off and the telephone is in a slip mode. C ...

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