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A tag fastening device is pistol-shaped and has a grip, in which a trigger lever is pivotally mounted on a pin mounted on the inside of the grip. The trigger lever is normally urged forward by the lower end of a swing arm pivotally secured by a pin to the grip on the inside thereof and normally pull ...

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A fastener for retaining an article to an object, such as a ski pass hang tag to a ski jacket, said fastener comprising a body having first retaining means to non-releasably retain said article and second retaining means to non-releasably retain said object. Preferably the fastener is of unitary con ...

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A one-piece, tamper-resistant fastener for attaching one item to another is described. The fastener is particularly suited for attaching an item such as a ski coupon to a skier's garment. The attachment mechanism of the fastener is designed to allow a user to attach both items to the fastener, and t ...

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A pin portion includes a head and an elongated pin extending outwardly from the head. The pin includes at least one barb extending outwardly therefrom. A receiving portion includes an elongated, substantially tubular receiving socket having an open end opposite a distal end. The receiving portion fu ...

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An improved merchandise display system comprises a display tag, one or more product flaps each for attachment to an item of merchandise, and a detachable fastener. The fastener comprises a screw and a nut, the screw having a post for threaded engagement with the nut. The head of the screw, and the n ...

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A tag fastener assembly wherein the tag is locked to the fastener and wherein the fastener is provided with means by which it may be secured to an article such as the carcass of an animal.

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Tamper-resistant plastic tag fastener for use in attaching a tag (T) to a piece of fabric (F), such as a garment, a product label or the like comprises an elongated unitary plastic member having a filament (37) with a cross-bar (33) at one end, a paddle (35) at the other end and enlarged portion (39 ...

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659,962. Tag fasteners. FLEISCHER MILLS, Inc. June 16, 1949, No. 16055. Convention date, Dec. 29, 1948. [Class 73] A tag fastener of sheet material has a single leg 16 and a double leg 26, 28. The single leg has a piercing locking tongue 12 and an attachment wing 14 struck from it, while the double ...

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526,524. Wine clips. JACOBSON, B. Y. March 18, 1939, No. 8736. Convention date, March 26, 1938. [Class 44] A tag fastener made of spring wire and formed with crossed limbs so that the jaws 12 open when the limbs 11 are nipped, has the ends 14 of the jaws overlapping and of flattened formation, to gr ...

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Apparatus and methods are described for treatment of morbid obesity using minimally invasive techniques. The apparatus includes a system of components that may be used separately or in combination for effectively reducing stomach volume, bypassing a portion of the stomach and/or small intestines, re ...