Paul Nigel Dyer, Michael Francis Carolan, Darryl Butt, Rene Hendrick Elias Van Doorn, Raymond Ashton Cutler: Mixed conducting membranes for syngas production. Air Products and Chemicals, Keith D Gourley, December 10, 2002: US06492290 (33 worldwide citation)

This invention presents a new class of multicomponent metallic oxides which are particularly suited toward use in fabricating components used in processes for producing syngas. The non-stoichiometric, A-site rich compositions of the present invention are represented by the formula (Ln

Allen M Robin, Robert M Suggitt: Cleaned, H.sub.2 -enriched syngas made using water-gas shift reaction. Texaco, Henry H Gibson, August 15, 1995: US05441990 (32 worldwide citation)

Part of CO-rich syngas, including volatile metal or any acid impurities, reacts with water making cleaned, heated, H.sub.2 -enriched syngas. The rest of the impure CO-rich syngas is combined with hot, H.sub.2 -enriched syngas making cleaned, H.sub.2 -rich syngas, useful for making methanol or oxo co ...

Haag Werner Otto, Huang Tracy Jau Hua: Process for alkylating aromatic compounds.. Mobil Oil, August 11, 1982: EP0057514-A1 (32 worldwide citation)

Aromatics are alkylated with C2+ alkyl groups using as alkylating agents mixtures of hydrogen/hydrogen precursors and carbon oxide, preferably syngas, over catalysts comprising a zeolite of Constraint Index not above 12 and a metal component selected from Fe, Co, Ru, Mn, Rh and Os. The alkylation pr ...

Gary F Janda: Methanol, olefin, and hydrocarbon synthesis process. ExxonMobil Chemical Patents, Paul LaVoie, Bradley A Keller, September 3, 2002: US06444712 (32 worldwide citation)

An improved method for the production of methanol and hydrocarbons from a methane-containing gas, such as natural gas. The improved method integrates a hydrocarbon synthesis unit with a methanol synthesis unit without the need to recycle unreacted syngas exiting the methanol synthesis reactor. The i ...

Erling Rytter, Petter Lian, Trond Myrstad, Per T Roterud, Age Solbakken: Method of conducting catalytic converter multi-phase reaction. Den Norske Stats Oljeselskap, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, June 6, 1995: US05422375 (32 worldwide citation)

A method of conducting a continuous multi-phase catalytic reaction such as the conversion of syngas to higher hydrocarbon fuels. Gaseous reactants are introduced via a gas permeable plate into a slurry which includes the product and a finely divided catalyst. The liquid product is separated from the ...

Thomas Michael Roden, Arthur Daniel Bixler, David Michael Nicholas, Shankar Nataraj: Reforming with intermediate reactant injection. Air Products and Chemicals, Mary E Bongiorno, March 4, 2003: US06527980 (32 worldwide citation)

According to the present invention, hydrogen/carbon monoxide synthesis gas (also called syngas) is produced by injection of a second reactant stream into a hydrocarbon reformer at a location between the entry and discharge ends of the reformer. The second reactant stream can contain: carbon dioxide; ...

Akhilesh Kapoor, Yudong Chen, Simon Paul Davies, Ravi Kumar, Robert Michael Thorogood: Production of carbon monoxide from syngas. The Boc Group, Michael F Esposito, Salvatore P Pace, November 9, 1999: US05980857 (30 worldwide citation)

A process for producing hydrogen gas by reacting steam with a gas mixture containing carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrogen to produce a hydrogen-enriched product gas and subjecting the product gas to pressure swing adsorption to produce a high purity hydrogen product and a hydrogen-depleted w ...

John D Y Ou, Thomas J Waddick: Selective methylation to para-xylene using fuel syngas. ExxonMobil Chemical Patents, October 1, 2002: US06459006 (30 worldwide citation)

It has been discovered that para-xylene (PX) can be synthesized with improved selectivity by reacting an aromatic compound such as toluene and/or benzene with a reactant(s) from fuel syngas such as a combination of hydrogen and carbon monoxide and/or carbon dioxide and/or methanol,or methylating age ...

Frank Hershkowitz, Harry W Deckman, Robert P Reynolds, Constantine P Gonatas, John W Fulton, Leonard Schoenman, Jack I Ito, Russell J Koveal, Costas A Coulaloglou: Multi-injector autothermal reforming process and apparatus for producing synthesis gas (law 565).. Exxon Research and Engineering Co, Jay Simon, November 9, 1999: US05980596 (29 worldwide citation)

A novel injector/reactor apparatus and an efficient process for the partial oxidation of light hydrocarbon gases, such as methane, to convert such gases to useful synthesis gas for subsequent hydrocarbon synthesis. Sources of a light hydrocarbon gas, such as methane, and oxygen or an oxygen-containi ...

Daniel W Tse, George M Gulko, Paul S Wallace: System and method for integrated gasification control. Texaco, Morris N Reinisch, Howrey Simon Arnold & White, July 31, 2001: US06269286 (29 worldwide citation)

An integrated control system (ICS) for a gasification plant controls the operation of a gasifier and other critical components of the gasification plant. The ICS improves the performance of a gasification plant by controlling the operation of a gasifier and other critical components by an integrated ...

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