Thomas S Dewitz, Louis H Turner III, Johannes E G Ploeg, Matheus M Van Kessel, Andrew M Scott, Rudi Everts: Method and apparatus for separating fine particulates from a mixture of fine particulates and gas. Shell Oil Company, September 12, 1989: US04865627 (33 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for removal of fine particulate fly ash at high temperature and pressures using a bag filter which produces a clean gas stream that is recycled to compressors or power recovery turbines and a concentrated syngas stream blowdown from which additional solids are subsequently rem ...

Werner O Haag, Tracy J Huang, James W Kuo, Reuel Shinnar: Conversion of synthesis gas to hydrocarbon mixtures utilizing dual reactors. Mobil Oil Corporation, Charles A Huggett, Charles J Speciale, February 24, 1981: US04252736 (33 worldwide citation)

In the conversion of coal to gaseous and liquid products, the heat value of the coal is more completely retained by the products through the selective high efficiency conversion of coal to a low ratio syngas utilizing a portion of the Fischer-Tropsch generated heat recovered as steam, conversion of ...

Paul Nigel Dyer, Michael Francis Carolan, Darryl Butt, Rene Hendrick Elias Van Doorn, Raymond Ashton Cutler: Mixed conducting membranes for syngas production. Air Products and Chemicals, Keith D Gourley, December 10, 2002: US06492290 (33 worldwide citation)

This invention presents a new class of multicomponent metallic oxides which are particularly suited toward use in fabricating components used in processes for producing syngas. The non-stoichiometric, A-site rich compositions of the present invention are represented by the formula (Ln

Andrew David Wright, Vincent White, Kevin Boyle Fogash, Jeffrey William Kloosterman, Jeffrey Raymond Hufton, Charles Linford Schaffer: Separation of a sour syngas stream. Air Products and Chemicals, Willard Jones II, September 18, 2012: US08268044 (32 worldwide citation)

A feed stream, comprising hydrogen sulphide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen (H2) and, optionally, carbon monoxide (CO), is separated into at least a CO2 product stream and an H2 or H2 and CO product stream. The stream is separated using a pressure swing adsorption system, an H2S removal system ...

Allen M Robin, Robert M Suggitt: Cleaned, H.sub.2 -enriched syngas made using water-gas shift reaction. Texaco, Henry H Gibson, August 15, 1995: US05441990 (32 worldwide citation)

Part of CO-rich syngas, including volatile metal or any acid impurities, reacts with water making cleaned, heated, H.sub.2 -enriched syngas. The rest of the impure CO-rich syngas is combined with hot, H.sub.2 -enriched syngas making cleaned, H.sub.2 -rich syngas, useful for making methanol or oxo co ...

Erling Rytter, Petter Lian, Trond Myrstad, Per T Roterud, Age Solbakken: Method of conducting catalytic converter multi-phase reaction. Den Norske Stats Oljeselskap, Kirkpatrick & Lockhart, June 6, 1995: US05422375 (32 worldwide citation)

A method of conducting a continuous multi-phase catalytic reaction such as the conversion of syngas to higher hydrocarbon fuels. Gaseous reactants are introduced via a gas permeable plate into a slurry which includes the product and a finely divided catalyst. The liquid product is separated from the ...

Thomas Michael Roden, Arthur Daniel Bixler, David Michael Nicholas, Shankar Nataraj: Reforming with intermediate reactant injection. Air Products and Chemicals, Mary E Bongiorno, March 4, 2003: US06527980 (32 worldwide citation)

According to the present invention, hydrogen/carbon monoxide synthesis gas (also called syngas) is produced by injection of a second reactant stream into a hydrocarbon reformer at a location between the entry and discharge ends of the reformer. The second reactant stream can contain: carbon dioxide; ...

Frank Hershkowitz, Paul J Berlowitz: Solid oxide fuel cell systems having temperature swing reforming. ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, Paul E Purwin, March 17, 2009: US07503948 (31 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an improvement in the process of producing energy from fuel cells. A cyclic reforming process, referred to as temperature swing reforming, provides an efficient means for producing a hydrogen containing synthesis gas for use in solid oxide fuel cell applications. In on ...

Timothy Griffin, Daniel Holmberg, Dieter Winkler: Gas turbine power plant and method of operating the same. ALSTOM Technology, Steptoe & Johnson, April 29, 2008: US07363764 (31 worldwide citation)

A method of operating a gas turbine power plant and gas turbine power plant are disclosed wherein hydrogen for the combusting process is produced by feeding natural gas mixed with steam through a membrane/partial oxidation reactor and converting the natural gas at least to H2 and CO. Thereby oxygen ...

Paul S Wallace, Kay A Johnson, Janice L Kasbaum, Alma I Rodarte: Recycle of hydrogen from hydroprocessing purge gas. Texaco, Cantor Colburn, February 28, 2006: US07004985 (31 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an integrated gasification and hydroprocessing process. A hydrocarbonaceous fuel is first gasified to produce syngas, and then a portion of the hydrogen is removed from the syngas. The hydrogen is compressed and used as an excess reactant in a hydroprocessing unit. H ...

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