Fong Wing Chiu Francis, Wilson Raymond Frederick: Gasification process combined with steam methane performing to produce syngas suitable for methanol production. Texaco Development, July 31, 1996: EP0723930-A2 (42 worldwide citation)

Improved method for the prodn of methanol, comprises (a) partially oxidising a gaseous feedstock contg substantial amts of methane in a gasifier to produce a hot gasifier synthesis gas stream contg hydrogen and carbon monoxide; (b) passing the synthesis gas stream through a steam reforming catalytic ...

Tops�e Haldor Fa, Nielsen Carsten S: Methode de conversion de la houille ou des fractions lourdes du petrole en hydrogene ou en gaz dammonium de synthese, Process for converting coal and/or heavy petroleum fractions into hydrogen or ammonia synthesis gas. Tops�e, GOUDREAU GAGE DUBUC, May 28, 1985: CA1187702 (42 worldwide citation)

ABSTRACT A PROCESS FOR CONVERTING COAL AND/OR HEAVY PETROLEUM FRACTIONS INTO HYDROGEN OR AMMONIA SYNTHESIS GAS. Hydrogen or ammonia synthesis gas consistingsubstantially only of hydrogen and nitrogen is preparedfrom coal and/or heavy petroleum fractions by gasificationwith steam and an oxygen-contai ...

Robinson Earl T: Processes for making syngas-derived products. Greatpoint Energy, Robinson Earl T, MIAO Emily, July 9, 2009: WO/2009/086370 (42 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides processes for making syngas-derived products. For example, one aspect of the present invention provides a process for making a syngas-derived product, the process comprising (a) providing a carbonaceous feedstock; (b) converting the carbonaceous feedstock in a syngas f ...

Michel Gondouin: Catalytic downhole reactor and steam generator. S Cal Research, October 1, 1991: US05052482 (41 worldwide citation)

A Downhole catalytic Methanator reactor assembly is hung within the cemented casing of a vertical well for the purpose of producing large volumes of high quality steam and oil soluble gases for injection into horizontal drainholes drilled into a deep Heavy Oil reservoir, in order to make the Heavy O ...

Swan T Sie: Process for the preparation of hydrocarbons. Shell Oil Company, Kimbley L Muller, June 10, 1986: US04594172 (41 worldwide citation)

Syngas is subjected to Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over a special Co/Zr/SiO.sub.2 catalyst and the C.sub.10 -C.sub.19 fraction of the synthesized product is converted into XHVI lub oil by treating with an organic peroxide.

Ravi Prasad, Christian Friedrich Gottzmann: Ceramic membrane for endothermic reactions. Praxair Technology, David M Rosenblum, October 2, 2001: US06296686 (40 worldwide citation)

Syngas, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, is an intermediate in the conversion of methane to liquid fuels. For certain applications, it is desirable to maintain an H

Frank Hershkowitz, Paul J Berlowitz: Solid oxide fuel cell systems having temperature swing reforming. ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, Paul E Purwin, March 17, 2009: US07503948 (40 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an improvement in the process of producing energy from fuel cells. A cyclic reforming process, referred to as temperature swing reforming, provides an efficient means for producing a hydrogen containing synthesis gas for use in solid oxide fuel cell applications. In on ...

Timothy Griffin, Daniel Holmberg, Dieter Winkler: Gas turbine power plant and method of operating the same. ALSTOM Technology, Steptoe & Johnson, April 29, 2008: US07363764 (40 worldwide citation)

A method of operating a gas turbine power plant and gas turbine power plant are disclosed wherein hydrogen for the combusting process is produced by feeding natural gas mixed with steam through a membrane/partial oxidation reactor and converting the natural gas at least to H2 and CO. Thereby oxygen ...

Wing Chiu F Fong, Raymond F Wilson: Gasification process combined with steam methane reforming to produce syngas suitable for methanol production. Texaco, Kenneth R Priem, James L Bailey, Richard A Morgan, March 5, 1996: US05496859 (38 worldwide citation)

An improved method for the production of stoichiometric ratioed syngas comprises partially oxidizing a gaseous feedstock containing substantial amounts of methane in a gasifier to produce a hot synthesis gas stream that is passed in indirect heat exchange through a steam reforming catalytic reactor. ...

Paul S Wallace, Kay A Johnson: Combustion turbine fuel inlet temperature management for maximum power outlet. Texaco, Howrey Simon Arnold & White, July 8, 2003: US06588212 (38 worldwide citation)

Syngas for use, as fuel in the combustion turbine of an IGCC process is heated to a maximum temperature of about 350° F. (177° C.) prior to entering the combustor. Non-combustible diluent gas and additional fuel with a high heating value is also added to the syngas to increase the total heating valu ...

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