Michel Gondouin: Catalytic downhole reactor and steam generator. S Cal Research, October 1, 1991: US05052482 (41 worldwide citation)

A Downhole catalytic Methanator reactor assembly is hung within the cemented casing of a vertical well for the purpose of producing large volumes of high quality steam and oil soluble gases for injection into horizontal drainholes drilled into a deep Heavy Oil reservoir, in order to make the Heavy O ...

Swan T Sie: Process for the preparation of hydrocarbons. Shell Oil Company, Kimbley L Muller, June 10, 1986: US04594172 (41 worldwide citation)

Syngas is subjected to Fischer-Tropsch synthesis over a special Co/Zr/SiO.sub.2 catalyst and the C.sub.10 -C.sub.19 fraction of the synthesized product is converted into XHVI lub oil by treating with an organic peroxide.

Haag Werner Otto, Huang Tracy Jau Hua: Process for alkylating aromatic compounds.. Mobil Oil, August 11, 1982: EP0057514-A1 (40 worldwide citation)

Aromatics are alkylated with C2+ alkyl groups using as alkylating agents mixtures of hydrogen/hydrogen precursors and carbon oxide, preferably syngas, over catalysts comprising a zeolite of Constraint Index not above 12 and a metal component selected from Fe, Co, Ru, Mn, Rh and Os. The alkylation pr ...

Ravi Prasad, Joseph Michael Schwartz, Earl T Robinson, Christian Friedrich Gottzmann: Syngas production method utilizing an oxygen transport membrane. Praxair Technology, BP Amoco, David M Rosenblum, February 24, 2004: US06695983 (39 worldwide citation)

A method of producing a crude syngas product stream or a syngas product stream by further processing of the crude syngas product stream. Both the crude and syngas product stream comprise carbon monoxide and hydrogen. The crude syngas product stream additionally comprises carbon dioxide and moisture. ...

Cornelis F Van Egmond, Andrew Argo, Teng Xu, Marcel Johannes Janssen, Jaimes Sher: Methanol and ethanol production for an oxygenate to olefin reaction system. ExxonMobil Chemical Patents, March 27, 2007: US07196239 (37 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides various processes for producing light olefins from methanol and ethanol, optionally in a mixed alcohol stream. In one embodiment, the invention includes directing a first syngas stream to a methanol synthesis zone to form methanol and directing a second syngas stream a ...

Ravi Prasad, Christian Friedrich Gottzmann: Ceramic membrane for endothermic reactions. Praxair Technology, David M Rosenblum, October 2, 2001: US06296686 (37 worldwide citation)

Syngas, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, is an intermediate in the conversion of methane to liquid fuels. For certain applications, it is desirable to maintain an H

Vasant Ramchandra Choudhary, Balu Shivaji Uphade, Ajit Singh Mamman, Amarjeet Munshiram Rajput: Process for the catalytic conversion of methane or natural gas to syngas or a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Christie Parker & Hale, September 25, 2001: US06293979 (37 worldwide citation)

A process for catalytic conversion of methane or natural gas to syngas using a supported catalyst containing oxides of nickel and cobalt with of without noble metals. Efficiency of the catalytic process is increased by simultaneously carrying out an exothermic oxidation reaction and an endothermic s ...

Wing Chiu F Fong, Raymond F Wilson: Gasification process combined with steam methane reforming to produce syngas suitable for methanol production. Texaco, Kenneth R Priem, James L Bailey, Richard A Morgan, March 5, 1996: US05496859 (37 worldwide citation)

An improved method for the production of stoichiometric ratioed syngas comprises partially oxidizing a gaseous feedstock containing substantial amounts of methane in a gasifier to produce a hot synthesis gas stream that is passed in indirect heat exchange through a steam reforming catalytic reactor. ...

Paul S Wallace, Kay A Johnson: Combustion turbine fuel inlet temperature management for maximum power outlet. Texaco, Howrey Simon Arnold & White, July 8, 2003: US06588212 (37 worldwide citation)

Syngas for use, as fuel in the combustion turbine of an IGCC process is heated to a maximum temperature of about 350° F. (177° C.) prior to entering the combustor. Non-combustible diluent gas and additional fuel with a high heating value is also added to the syngas to increase the total heating valu ...

Gary F Janda: Methanol, olefin, and hydrocarbon synthesis process. ExxonMobil Chemical Patents, Paul LaVoie, Bradley A Keller, September 3, 2002: US06444712 (34 worldwide citation)

An improved method for the production of methanol and hydrocarbons from a methane-containing gas, such as natural gas. The improved method integrates a hydrocarbon synthesis unit with a methanol synthesis unit without the need to recycle unreacted syngas exiting the methanol synthesis reactor. The i ...

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