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Compactly storable survival equipment that includes a protection suit and an inflatable collision cocoon. The double-walled cocoon entrance which can be closed by a suited means within the same, and the cocoon can then be inflated to its expanded and protective condition by the introduction of press ...

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Emergency survival apparatus of a self-contained, portable, remote controlled, combination television receiver (TV), AM/FM radio receiver, clock, and electric lamp. The combination is powered by either a source of ordinary household alternating current or by a direct current source, such as a batter ...

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Apparatus for marking a location which includes a balloon and a bottle of pressurized helium which is selectively connected to the balloon which is in turn secured by a cord which is fed through an indicator as it is released to show the amount of cord that has been released and thereby the height o ...

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A survival and training apparatus for children is constructed in the form of a teddy bear. The teddy bear has an exterior casing formed of multiple durable materials including a fluorescent fabric of lime yellow color that is visible during daytime conditions and a reflective fabric to facilitate vi ...

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This invention relates to a portable, high performance solar powered oven, distiller, heater and light directing survival apparatus which is fabricated of light weight, flexible materials that can be easily collapsed for convenient mobility.

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The present invention relates to a novel and improved packaging system for an inflatable raft in survival apparatus used by a pilot after an ejection from his aircraft over water. The improved packaging system involves use of a pair of cup-shaped boot members that fit over opposite ends of the compa ...

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A survival apparatus is disclosed that both removably couples to an end portion of a staff and with a variety of tools. The survival apparatus includes at least one sleeve formed of a hollow, tubular body for removably receiving therein the end portion of the staff and providing for the quick attach ...

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Survival apparatus for an aircraft or the like. The survival apparatus includes a survival canister 12 in which survival gear is stowed. The canister assembly is buoyant and water tight. It is stowed prior to use in a cylindrical member 16 which is closed at one end. A maintaining structure 74 is pr ...

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A method of establishing communication links during a failure within a mobile communications network includes detecting disruptions in communications between a plurality of base stations and a plurality of mobile terminals. Survivability components are activated within the base station and the mobil ...

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Apparatus for cold weather survival comprises an elongated belt body comprising a piece of buoyancy-providing material. The belt body is sized such that end portions thereof overlap when the belt body is wrapped around a user's waist. The belt body has an inner side which faces the user and an outer ...