Roderick W Landymore, Allan E Marble: Method for effecting closure of a perforation in the septum of the heart. Killworth Gottman Hagan & Schaeff, June 6, 1989: US04836204 (361 worldwide citation)

A novel double-balloon septal defect occlusion catheter which is used in conjunction with a unique surgical procedure to temporarily close septal perforations, particularly spontaneous ventricular septal perforations following acute myocardial infarction, without the need for open heart surgery, thu ...

John E Burbank III, John R Montgomery: Surgical closure element. American Cyanamid Company, David A Warmbold, Charles F Costello, November 29, 1988: US04787387 (265 worldwide citation)

An improved surgical instrument cartridge is described. The cartridge comprises a plurality of wound closure elements. Each element has a crown and two opposite side legs. The distal end of each leg of an element contacts the crown of the adjacent preceding element. Two opposite grooves (in the cart ...

Fusen H Chen: Surgical closure or anastomotic device. Morris Kaplan, March 5, 1991: US04997439 (199 worldwide citation)

Elongated, flexible strip, for linear or tubular surgical joinder has pluralities of primary retaining pins that extend in opposed directions and are substantially parallel to the strip face. The pins are adapted to pierce a respective tissue, extend therealong, and then extend into the opposed tiss ...

Martin Neumann, Ferdinand Kockerling: Surgical closure. David S Safran, Sixbey Friedman Leedom & Ferguson, August 1, 1995: US05437683 (141 worldwide citation)

A surgical closure which can be repeatedly opened and closed, especially one for an abdominal incision, consisting of flexible fabric or plate-like securing means which can be firmly secured to the bodily tissue close to the incision but can be released therefrom and with a closure bringing together ...

Albert Broome: Method for performing a surgical closure of a skin incision or wound and means for carrying out the method. Brava Patient Och Invent, Merchant & Gould, April 23, 1991: US05009663 (134 worldwide citation)

A method for performing a surgical closure of a skin incision or wound in which at least one surgical suture thread is used for holding together two opposite skin edge portions. A locking device is used for carrying out the method. The suture thread is sewn through each one of the two skin edge port ...

Hasson Harrith M: Surgical closure having ease of assembly. Gerstman George H, December 16, 1975: US3926193 (82 worldwide citation)

A sutureless closure device for drawing the edges of an incision together. The device comprises first and second surgical tape members for application to opposite sides of a wound or incision. The first tape member carries tie member anchors, and the second tape member carries tie member receiving s ...

Harry H LeVeen, Eric G LeVeen, Robert F LeVeen: Dual balloon catheter. Brooks Haidt Haffner & Delahunty, September 20, 1983: US04404971 (80 worldwide citation)

A technique and a device for cutting off the flow of blood through an unwanted opening in a major blood vessel to facilitate surgical closure of the opening utilizing a dual balloon catheter inserted into the blood vessel with the balloons inflated on opposite sides of the opening.

Peter J Wilk, Mitchell N Essig: Method for ultrasonically applying a surgical device. R Neil Sudol, Henry D Coleman, January 24, 1995: US05383883 (75 worldwide citation)

In a laparoscopic surgical closure method, a distal end portion of a laparoscopic instrument is inserted into an abdominal cavity of a patient through a trocar sleeve disposed in an abdominal wall of the patient. A surgical device such as a clip or a suture having two portions made of polymeric mate ...

Hasson Harrith M: Surgical closure. October 17, 1972: US3698395 (61 worldwide citation)

A sutureless closure device for use in surgery which is both an operative drape and a post-operative skin dressing. A flexible sheet having a pressure sensitive adhesive undersurface is adapted for placement on the skin over the area to be cut. The sheet is differentiated into two opposing dressing ...

Harrith M Hasson: Surgical closure. Norman Lettvin, July 27, 1976: US03971384 (58 worldwide citation)

A sutureless closure device which is operable to draw the edges of a wound or incision together. The device comprises two pieces of surgical tape each having an adhesive face. These pieces are secured to the skin on opposite sides of the incision. An anchor for one end of a tie strip is carried by t ...

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