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The chair according to the invention comprises a chassis (60) with a support for the user, specifically a seat, a cab for a stroller, or handles for pushing the device. The chassis consists of two portions (61, 62) connected by an articulation (63) with a transverse axle. The first chassis portion ( ...

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A stroller comprises a wheeled carriage frame, a pair of hollow upwardly inclining rear frame supports mounted to the wheeled carriage frame, and a pair of hollow connecting pieces telescopically connected to the rear frame supports. A substantially U-shaped handle has a pair of arm portions rotatab ...

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A safety seat assembly is assembled with a stroller. The safety seat assembly includes a base member having two ears each formed on one end portion thereof and each having a notch laterally defined therein for receiving a bar of the armrest of the stroller therein. A retaining block is formed on the ...

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A collapsable stroller for transporting a passenger includes a frame movable between a collapsed position and an operating position. The frame includes rotatably mounted wheels for providing the stroller with mobility. A passenger seat is provided for receiving the passenger. At least a portion of t ...

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A multi-purpose baby wrap which converts to a blanket, a bunting, a pad or a carrier sling. The wrap comprises two major parts: a full sized baby blanket and a large, detachable, bifurcated pocket. The pocket covers the lower half of the blanket and is sized to fit children from birth to about two y ...

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A three-wheeled collapsible stroller which can be used on terrain that is more bumpy or uneven than the smooth terrain suitable for a conventional small-wheeled stroller, but that is also more maneuverable than a conventional three-wheeled "jogging stroller." The stroller has a folding frame and aut ...

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The present baby stroller may be collapsed to assume an elongated substantially flat form. The stroller has a push member which can be pivoted to selectively assume a back fronting push position or a face fronting push position with respect to the baby sitting in the stroller or carriage.

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A convertible combined stroller and trailer which can be changed from a stroller mode to a trailer mode and vice versa. When the vehicle is in either the stroller mode or trailer mode it includes a flexible seat for one or more passenger. When used in a stroller mode, rear wheels are attached to the ...