Yoshigi Katsumi, Hirayasu Yoichiro, Asano Toshihiro: Film sterilizing apparatus. Daiwa Can, July 10, 2002: JP2002-193223

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make it possible to uniform temperature of a sterilizer inside a sterilizing container without setting a mixing means in the container and prevent wax liberated from a film from being adhered to an inner wall of the sterilizer container in a film sterilizing apparatus such t ...

Choi Hyun Ho: Sterilizer for feed carrying truck sterilizer. Choi Hyun Ho, December 15, 2000: KR1019990018581

PURPOSE: A sterilizer for a feed carrying truck is provided to prevent mass death and damage by blocking up the diffusion of contagious virus from a feed supply carrying truck. CONSTITUTION: A power gear operates a sprayer when a driver pulls a PTO(power take-off)(10) at a drivers seat. Mist of the ...