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A method and apparatus for providing sterile, charged batteries for use in a sterile field. The method includes the steps of placing at least one battery in a sterilization container, sterilizing the battery within the container, charging the battery while maintaining it in a sterile state within th ...

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A sterilization container system for sterilizing surgical instruments, having a lid secured to a base by latches. The latches are automatically disengaged when the latches' release arms are raised to form handles by which the lid can be easily and securely manipulated; while the latches are automati ...

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A sterilization container for medical instruments includes a receptacle with a bottom wall and an open top, there being a multiplicity of vent openings in the bottom wall. The receptacle has a cover movable between a closed position wherein the cover closes the open top of the receptacle and an open ...

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A sterilization container has an improved elastomeric instrument holder. The instrument holder comprises a panel of elastomer having a projection depending downwardly therefrom and received within an perforation through a perforated surface within the container to hold the panel thereto. An aperture ...



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A medical instruments sterilization container (10) includes a housing (12) and a removable dome-shaped lid (14) having a filtered inlet port (18) disposed therethrough for permitting the passage of gas or steam into housing (12). A removable tray (16) is adapted to be disposed within housing (12) to ...

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A high temperature and pressure steam sterilization container (35) for an endoscope, which contains the endoscope (2) to perform a high temperature and pressure steam sterilization, is contained in a cleaner (40) so that cleaning is possible in a state in which the endoscope (2) is stored.

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