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The invention contemplates a viewing-head attachment removably securable to the body of a microscope and adapted to accommodate binocular viewing elements. The attachment employs two housings which are pivotally connected so that the binocular-viewing elements on one housing are enabled to stereosco ...

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A prism system for a stereoscopic microscope in which both an image inversion and also an interchanging of the sides of the two beam paths can occur. In order to achieve a reliable simply constructed design of a small size, the prism system has four reflecting surfaces for each beam path, of which t ...

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A method of and apparatus for visual inspection of the condition of soldered connections between connector pads of a wiring pattern provided on a circuit board and tips of conductor pins of an IC package mounted thereby on the circuit board. The back, or bottom surface of the circuit board is illumi ...

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An optical system for producing stereoscopic imaging of a subject. The system includes an objective lens for producing an image of the subject, and right and left ocular lenses for viewing the image through right and left eyes, respectively. A polarizing filter device positioned near the objective l ...

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An automatic focusing device in a stereoscopic microscope having a pair of left and right stereoscopic observation optical systems disposed rearwardly of a common objective lens includes automatic focusing means for converting an amount of focus deviation into an electrical signal and automatically ...

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A stereoscopic microscope system having a primary and secondary viewing station which are rotatably positionable relative to one another for simultaneously viewing an object is disclosed. An objective lens focuses a plurality of rays of light aligned with a primary optic axis upon an object to be vi ...

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The invention relates to a stereoscopic microscope, which is suited both for pure observation and also for support during surgical procedures in ophthalmology. It can be adapted to both uses through an inversion optics arrangement, which can be removed from the beam path of the microscope. The inver ...

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A stereoscopic microscope comprises an object lens, a pair of stereoscopic observation optical systems arranged behind the object lens and light beam deflection means arranged between the stereoscopic observation optical systems and the object lens for varying a stereoscopic view angle.

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A method of evaluating follicular biopsy specimens (skin samples) in order to count the number of comedones (25) present in the specimen involving the steps of applying an adhesive, in vivo, to a subject's skin; applying a microscopic slide to the adhesive covered skin; allowing the adhesive to set ...