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Disclosed herein are nasal spray compositions and methods for enhancing polypeptide absorption across nasal membranes comprising a chelating agent and a polypeptide in a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient.

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Germicidally effective, d-limonene-containing aqueous pump-spray compositions are rendered clear and stable by monoethers of certain aliphatic glycols which also enhance soil and stain removal from hard surfaces. The compositions also contain quaternary ammonium compounds, non-ionic surfactants, alk ...


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An easily handled, flowable, pesticide composition contains as essential components in water as the sole liquid medium, from 10 to 60%, by weight, of at least one solid, substantially water-insoluble pesticidally-active ingredient; from 1 to 10%, by weight, of a water-soluble nonionic surfactant; an ...

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A water-based hair spray composition is provided herein which is capable of delivering a fine finishing mist to provide a stiff resin film having excellent hair holding power, with superior shine, and feel, and within a relatively low drying time, approaching that of alcohol-based systems. The compo ...

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That which is disclosed is carboxyl radical containing resin hair setting or hair spray compositions possessing improved adhesion to the hair and which are more readily removed from the hair due to the use of certain long chain amine functional neutralizing agents containing a hydrophilic radical in ...

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The solubility of hair spray resins derived from copolymers of unsaturated monocarboxylic acids and vinyl or vinylidene monomers in alcohol-hydrocarbon propellent systems is substantially increased by use of specific long chain amines as neutralizing agents therein.

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A topical, medicinal spray composition is provided comprising a drug or combination of drugs in a carrier which, when sprayed on a surface, forms a film. The composition comprises at least one medicament, at least one film former and at least one vehicle. The composition of the invention may further ...

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The present invention relates to novel nasal spray compositions comprising a safe and effective amount of a glucocorticosteroid and an antihistamine possessing leukotriene inhibiting properties.