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A durable antisoiling coating composition for textile filaments and articles made therefrom comprises a perfluoroalkyl ester of a citric acid urethane and fluorinated alcohols in combination with a modified epoxy resin which is the reaction product of a carboxyl-functional vinyl polymer, an epoxy re ...

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A spin finish for synthetic fibers has been developed consisting essentially of a thermally stable lubricant and a surfactant derived from an ethylene oxide/propylene oxide block co-polymer adduct of an alkylated phenol.

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A closure for a container such as a blow molded bottle having a neck surrounding an opening therein defined by an inturned annular flange formed by a spin finish operation on the blow molded bottle, the closure having a cap portion and an annular tear skirt depending therefrom, the closure having an ...

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A soil resistant spin finish particularly for polyamide feeder yarn to be processed at high temperature into bulked textile yarn, comprising a first oil in water emulsion wherein the oil portion consists essentially of sorbitan monooleate, polyoxyethylene tallow amine, and an alkyl stearate, said fi ...

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Spin finish concentrate composition and the oil-in-water emulsion made from the concentrate for application for conventional speed or high speed melt spinning processes for producing polyester or polyamide yarns, consists essentially of oil lubricant component, pentaerythritol ester lubricant, ethox ...

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It has been suggested that synthetic multifilamentary yarns can be produced by melt-spinning a polyamide or polyester polymer under conditions of substantially simultaneous spinning and drawing wherein prior to said drawing the filaments of the fiber are lubricated with a spin finish by surface cont ...

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Antisoiling properties of polyamide filaments are enhanced upon melt-spinning by using a spin finish comprised of a textile lubricant, an antisoiling fluorochemical and an epoxy resin.

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An aqueous spin finish, a process for treating polyamide yarn therewith and polyamide yarn so treated are all disclosed. The oil portion of the spin finish comprises a glyceride, ethoxylated oleyl alcohol, ethoxylated nonyl phenol, ethoxylated castor oil, an oxidized polyethylene, a non-nitrogen non ...

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The disclosure relates to cospinning and drawing polyester filaments to produce a composite yarn which develops bulk due to differential shrinkage of the filaments when heated. Filaments of ethylene terephthalate synthetic linear condensation polymer are melt spun to form two separate filament bundl ...

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It has been suggested that certain polyglycol ethers, in particular mixed polyoxyethylated-polyoxypropylated monoethers, are useful as spin finishes in the production of polyester tire yarns. Polyglycol ethers having a relatively low molecular weight of about 300 to 1,000 make the best lubricants; h ...