Amar G Bose: Speed-controlled amplifying. Bose Corporation, Fish & Richardson, July 23, 1991: US05034984 (48 worldwide citation)

A variable gain amplifier receives an input electrical audio signal and has its gain controlled by a vehicle speed signal representative of the vehicle speed. The signal provided by the variable gain amplifier is coupled to a manually set volume control that is coupled to a power amplifier that driv ...

Amar G Bose, Joseph L Veranth: Speed controlled amplifying. Bose Corporation, Fish & Richardson, July 24, 1990: US04944018 (27 worldwide citation)

A vehicle has an engine and a sound amplifying system characterized by a frequency response including a signal source and a manually operable sound level setting control that establishes the sound level of the desired signal in the vehicle, a power amplifier and an electroacoustical transducer. The ...

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