Delton W Young: Sole for boots and shoes. The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, Alvin T Rockhill, February 26, 1985: US04501077 (72 worldwide citation)

This invention pertains to soles for boots and shoes. More particularly, it pertains to a sole that is useful for mountain climbing boots, hiking boots, walking shoes, and work shoes.

Improved construction of pneumatic sole for boots and shoes. Walter Bentley Marling, October 8, 1931: GB358205-A (4 worldwide citation)

358,205. Pneumatic insoles for boots &c. MARLING, W. B., Domus, Western Esplanade, Broadstairs, Kent. Aug. 18, 1930, No. 24652. [Class 17 (ii).] A pneumatic insole for a boot &c. comprises sole and heel portions A, B separated at the waist where they are connected by a comparatively narrow tube or p ...

HENDRIE JOHN: [en] An Improved Inner Sole for Boots and Shoes.. HENDRIE JOHN, February 5, 1898: GB189800042-A

[en] 42. Hendrie, J. Jan. 1. Socks consist of flannel, felt, or other bags or pockets, lined with paper and filled with the mixture described below. The impression of the foot is taken while the mixture is plastic, and depressions may then be made to relieve corns or bunions. After the mixture has s ...

Improved sole for boots and shoes. Giacomo Spini, May 11, 1942: GB545104-A

545,104. Boot &c. soles. SPINI, G. Aug. 7, 1941, No. 10047. [Class 17 (ii)] A rubber sole especially for mountaineering and general sporting purposes is provided with a number of ribs extending at right angles to the outline of the sole and heel, and further ribs 2 parallel to these outlines, and ri ...

An improved sole for boots and shoes. E V Pullum & Metcalfe, Ernest Victor Pullum, February 14, 1945: GB567443-A

567,443. Boots and shoes. PULLUM & METCALFE, Ltd., E. V., and PULLUM, E. V. July 30,1943, No. 12387. [Class 17 (ii)] A sole 2 for a boot or shoe has front and rear sections 1, 4 of wood connected by a flexible jointing strip 5 let into recesses in the two sections 1, 4, flush with the underside of t ...

Improvements in or relating to bottoms for footwear. Joseph Reginald Howden, August 14, 1945: GB571250-A

571,250. Soles for boots and shoes. HOWDEN, J. R. June 18, 1943, No. 9868. Drawings to Specification. [Class 17 (ii)] [Also in Group VIII] A sole for boots and shoes consists of or includes a base layer in the form of a.synthetic resin-containing laminate, the lamin being formed of fibrous sheet mat ...

Improvements in or relating to composite soles for footwear. Joseph Pichette, April 26, 1939: GB504524-A

504,524. Soles for boots and shoes ; compound sheet materials. PICHETTE, J. July 15, 1938, No. 21033. [Class 17 (ii)] [Also in Group VIII] A composite sole for boots and shoes comprises a number of layers a of agglomerated cork with interpolated layers b of rubber, crÛpe rubber, canvas or other flex ...

REINECKE FRANZ: [en] An Improved Protecting Sole for Boots and Shoes.. REINECKE FRANZ, March 10, 1900: GB190002378-A

[en] 2378. Reinecke, F. Feb. 6. Soles sole protectors slipping, preventing waterproofing c l o g s slippers maltsters' shoes. -Relates to the provision of a protecting-sole composed of indiarubber or other elastic material in which is embedded a thin perforated sheet of steel B, as shown in Fig. 2. ...

FEIST ADOLF: [en] A New or Improved Resilient Sole for Boots and Shoes.. FEIST ADOLF, February 13, 1901: GB190002895-A

[en] 2895. Feist, A. Feb. 13. Heels soles.-Soles and heels are made with upper and lower members a, b of india-rubber or other elastic material separated by air spaces and united at their edges by some elastic material. These upper and lower members have on their inner faces ribs or projections enga ...

BLAKEY JOHN: [en] A New or Improved Sole for Boots and Shoes.. BLAKEY JOHN, June 10, 1899: GB189909849-A

[en] 9849. Blakey, J. May 10. Soles.-The toe and heel portions B, C are made of inferior leather or other material. The heel part is, of course, covered by the heel, while the toe may be covered by a metal protector.

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